New 3 Strikes Policy in NFL... someday?

[EDITOR'S NOTE] - I definitely think this is an important story. If you consider all the Bengals and Charger arrests along with Pac Man's connection with 8 incidents since he was drafted two years ago, a 3-strikes policy is something worth considering. Also, over at the World Wide Leader, Jemele Hill gives a pro article and Bomani Jones gives a con article for instituting a 3-strikes rule.


I thought that this was an interesting article worth discussing (there are probably better sources, but I frequent yahoo! so I'll point you there).

Three Strikes Policy on Arrests Being Debated by NFL and Players Union Brass.

A lifetime ban for three convictions, no matter how minor, seems like it has the same flaws as the real three strike law and it seems that there must be something inherently wrong with the league drawing such a thin line between character and athlete, but I am sincerely intrigued by the idea.

I mean, Three Strikes doesn't really ring the NFL bell... something like "Four Downs," or ooooo!, "Three and Out" sounds a lot better, but the proposed policy itself is very interesting. There is definitely a recent rise in the high profile NFL arrests, and one that does send a bad message about the league - PacMan Jones and the assorted Bengals candy box being the prime examples. It is a disturbing image of the NFL player and a provision that enforces lawful character rather than encouraging it is not beyond acceptable in my eyes.

What makes this really intriguing is that it does have at least partial support from the Players Union, which seems to be a large vote of confidence from the effected party. If those who would be subject to the lifetime ban support the rule, it gets difficult to argue against it.

But we're talking employment here. Isn't there law that at least kind of prohibits the termination of employment based on arrest? I wish I was up on my laws, because now that I say that in words it sounds ridiculous, but I could swear something like that exists. Like, fair employment laws. Or does that only have to do with not hiring people based on a previous record.... somebody help.

Tentatively, though, I'm pretty in favor of this.

Also, Lawrence Phillips was mentioned in this article. I get a sick pleasure out of being able to be ashamed that guy wore the Red and Gold, and try to point him out as often as possible as a result.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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