WHITE SMOKE: Clements & Lewis signed by 49ers

[EDITOR'S NOTE] - Midnight - Obviously there's been plenty happening to discuss in deep depth. I'll be working until 4pm and will get a post up Saturday after work. If anything happens, feel free to continue using this as a free agent thread. We'll see if Franklin or Spragan get signed and if any receivers visit 49ers headquarters.

[EDITOR'S NOTE] - What ledge was I talking about earlier? Apparently it's run across the NFL Network ticket that we've signed Nate Clements and Michael Lewis. I'm working late and won't have time for a full post until this weekend probably, but I'll pull up nostocksjustbonds post. White Smoke indeed my friends. GAME ON!

According to Matt Maiocco -----


FOOCH Addition: Some links mentioning it: Maiocco's blog ---- 49ers Web Zone

[EDITOR'S UPDATE 5:25pm] - Indeed it is official over at Mike Nolan is definitely excited to be adding two defensive starters. As I said, I'll have more this weekend on this exciting development for the Faithful!

[EDITOR'S NOTE 6:15PM] - It appears Adalius Thomas is off the market and preliminarily a New England Patriot. TBD on the numbers but it's gotta be close to Clements deal. That stinks, but if we can grab a second-tier linebacker I'd be happy considering we've rebuilt half our secondary. I still want Jay Moore in the 2nd round to convert from DE to OLB!

[EDITOR'S NOTE 6:35PM] - Brief Sacramento bee article about the signings. A few extra details, but nothing on the Lewis contract yet. Since there will be plenty of stories tomorrow about the signings I'll work on putting together a post with as many of the links as I can find. I'd expect a run down of details on Clements and Lewis to be up tomorrow night or Sunday night, depending on how work goes.

[EDITOR'S UPDATE 9:20PM] - John Clayton wrapped up Day 1 of free agency over at He's reporting we're likely to sign Aubrayo Franklin to a 3-year $6 million deal and potentially Dolphins LB Donnie Spragan. More to come.

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