8/22 49ers Link Dump

So there's not a ton of quality, huge news today, but there is definitely a large supply.  Some useful information as well for the rest of the preseason.

Coach Nolan gave the players hell for practicing too physically in shells.  I didn't know this, but I guess shells is the most basic level of practice attire.  Shells are shorts, helmets and thin foam lining for the shoulders.  After that is shorts and shoulder pads and then full pads.

Also in that article, CJ Brewer appeared to injury hi right knee rather severely in practice yesterday, although there is no word yet on the specific injury.

Also, the team will cut down to 75 players this Sunday after the Bears game and then to 53 on September 1.  It should be relatively easy to get down to 75.  The 53 not so much.

We've got our big feature story on Jason Hill.  As with many guys on this team, he's definitely a feel good story.

Follow that up with a Sac Bee feature on Ray McDonald.  We haven't heard a lot about him, but McDonald has quietly shown great pass rushing abilities, particularly in timing the snap count.  Normally a defensive end, the 49ers are using McDonald as a defensive tackle on third downs to show off those pass rushing skills.

We'll finally get to see our complete secondary this weekend, as Walt Harris will play Saturday against the Bears.  I'm curious where that puts Tarell Brown in terms of playing time.  I think Brown has earned a little more playing time, but we'll see how that is dictated during the game.

A feature on Frank Gore in a San Diego newspaper.  A lot of the same, but the most interesting part is that Gore has been picking the brains of a lot of running backs around the league, including Ladanian Tomlinson at the Pro Bowl.

Dan Pompei put together a basic NFC West preview for the Chicago Tribune.  He doesn't exactly blow you away with new information, but he does think the West could be the most competitive division in football and he his breakout player is Vernon Davis.

Mike Freeman over at cbs.sportsline.com has his Five Things to Know about the 49ers.  Nothing new here at all, but always nice to get the national coverage (even if it's the mandatory "5 Questions").

Over at mlive.com (a website devoted to the state of Michigan) points out a Contra Costa Times article and how Joe Staley could win the right tackle job this year.

A short Notebook from Coach Nolan today.  He addressed Ray McDonald being used in the nickel and the general tempo and play in practice.

As always, to avoid passwords, use Bug Me Not

A fantasy football league update will be coming later today.

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