Fantasy Football Update

And so after weeks of delay, the mythical fantasy football update is here.  I was all set to do it last night, but it turned out to be the first Bar Night of the year for the law school.  So suffice it say, drinking and socializing with my classmates took precedent!

It's fitting that we're discussing fantasy football here as I posted a new column to Nothing Finer, my FSN Bay Area blog/column.  In it I discuss fantasy versus reality when it comes to being a football fan AND a fantasy football fan.  I believe one of you mentioned that you don't take Cowboys.  For me, the only player I WILL NOT draft is Terrell Owens.  Everyone else is fair game as far as I'm concerned.  I had Steven Jackson in a keeper league last year and kept him this year as well because he's such a stud running back.  Of course, when he plays the 49ers, while I'd like a 49ers win combined with a great Jackson performance, I'll take the win any day.  How do you justify rooting for one of your fantasy players when they face the 49ers?  Or maybe you just suck it up for one week and say screw it.

Speaking of that keeper league (unrelated to the one we've been discussing the last month or two here), I finished up the draft and for what may be the first time in my fantasy history, I drafted a 49er.  I don't know why, but I've always missed out on 49ers in the past.  It's certainly not by choice, but more just circumstances.  In this particular league I kept Philip Rivers as a 9th round pick, but obviously I needed another QB.  I didn't want to grab someone high, so I ended up taking Alex Smith.  With the Chargers facing the Bears and the 49ers facing the Cardinals week 1, I can guarantee you I'll be rolling out Smith to start.  I'm even more excited now that I've got #11.

So as for the SB Nation Football League.  Here are some of the details:

  • DRAFT DATE/TIME: Wednesday 8/29 - 9pmET/6pmPT - We have the 9th overall pick

  • 12 teams in 3 divisions, comprised of NFC blogs - We belong to the "Makin' It Rain" Division with Buc 'Em, Field Gulls and Turf Show Times

  • Traditional head-to-head, points-based league

  • Fairly traditional scoring with NO POINTS PER RECEPTION

  • Bonus points awarded for 200+ rushing/receiving yards (either one, not combined) and 400+ passing yards

  • All touchdowns are worth six points

  • Not 100% sure on the starting lineup each week.  I believe we start 8 people: 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 K and 1 DST, but I'm not awaiting clarification

If you have any other questions about the league, post them in here and I'll answer them as best as possible.  On draft night, I'll have my AOL Instant Messenger open (my screenname is fucilloau) and you can feel free to IM me before and during the draft.  I'll have an open thread here, but if you have a draft suggestion or something like that, it would be quicker to do it via IM.  However, I'll keep an eye out for posts here.  The more of you who want to provide input the better.  All things being equal I'll go with my gut, but I'd like to make this a community team as best as possible.

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