SBN Fantasy Football Thoughts

EDITOR'S NOTE 1:00PM - I received clarification on the starting lineup and total rounds of the draft:

1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 WR/RB, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 DST

16 Total Rounds


I'm not a big fan of putting together a "big board" for my fantasy football drafts.  Rather, I look at individual position lists and then address position by position depending on where I'm at in the draft.  Obviously, having this post for my competitors would make things interesting, but I like my chances no matter what.  I'll throw out some sleepers as I think of them and what positions I want to fill where and so forth.  Consider this an open thread for discussing your ideas and mine.  I'll have a separate open thread tomorrow afternoon prior to the draft.

First round
I'm a big proponent of running backs winning championships, so we'll see who falls to me in the 9 spot.  Maybe we go with Laurence Maroney, Reggie Bush or Brian Westbrook here?  We don't HAVE to take a running back, but I kinda think we do.  Looking at the cumulative rankings Braekneck put together, Shaun Alexander would be our guy, but obviously that won't happen.  I think Maroney would be a solid pick in that spot.

First few rounds
I definitely want to grab a couple running backs and a stud wide receiver.  I like Marshawn Lynch, but rookie running backs are always question marks, as with rookie wide receivers.  Conceivably on that first swing we could go Maroney, Travis Henry or Maroney and MJD or something like that.  I'm just spit-balling ideas out so feel free to throw out comments.

Running Backs/WRs
There are always plenty of wide receivers out there in different tiers.  Running backs run out though.  If you don't get a couple good ones early, you get stuck with either some washed up retreads (I'm talking to you Reuben Droughns) or rolling the dice on youngsters (JJ Arrington in the 14th round anybody?).  So I definitely want to make sure to stack up there since wide receivers are more likely to emerge early on along the waiver wire.

With Alstott out and Cadillac coming off a horrendous year, thoughts on Michael Pittman?

Where do you see Brandon Jacobs draft-wise?  Something about him scares me, but I'm not sure what.

I want to throw out my own philosophy on drafting quarterbacks.  Unless a QB falls, I'm not one to take a quarterback in the first 4 or so rounds.  It kind of depends on when the QBs start falling, but there is enough decent talent to bide my time a little bit (although certainly not too long).  Some guys I like this year are Kitna (2nd year in the Martz offense), McNabb (although he'll probably go relatively early) and Culpepper strictly as a backup.  I'm open to the idea of rolling the dice on him behind a better option.  If Culpepper blows up we suddenly have tradeable commodities.  Thoughts?

What are everyone's thoughts on team defense and kicker?  My plan is to wait until the last 2 or 3 rounds for a kicker.  As for defense, Chicago and Baltimore are the top 2 but I'd prefer to wait for the gauntlet to be thrown down and people start grabbing defenses.  The Patriots D is also going to be solid of course, but team defense is definitely a position where I like to play it by ear.

Some random questions:
Where do we consider The Disease in our draft?  I like him, but not super early.  Gates is the #1 guy, then you've got Heap, Gonzalez and Cooley.  Crumpler could be the only guy Harrington can hit, while Witten is usually pretty solid.  The Disease has more upside, so that's certainly something to take into account.

Thoughts on LenDale White?  There were injury issues, but he looks to be the man to start the year for the Titans.

So feel free to throw out your thoughts in the comments on what you wouldn't mind seeing us do in the draft.

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