So about that 49ers training camp...

SF Muni buss fare: 1.50
Cal Train Day pass to Mountain View: $11.50
Roundtrip ticket to Great America VTA Station: $3.50
Soda at training camp: $2.00
Setting your alarm for 6:00pm instead of 6:00am, thus being late for camp and missing the entire morning practice: Well that just sucks

I'm not one to complain too much, but this will be one paragraph that is the exception to the rule.  Have you ever had a day that just isn't meant to go right? Instead of getting up at 6:00am to make my way down to Santa Clara, I slept until 8:10am.  With practice starting at 9am, I knew I'd miss most if not all of it due to my use of Bay Area public transportation.  After pondering just going back to bed, I decide to get up and make this happen anyway.  I hustle down and catch the bus to the Cal Train depot where I hop on a bus leaving in a couple of minutes.  20 minutes later it finally leaves.  I get to Mountain View and hustle to the soon to be departing VTA train.  Never mind, all that sweat and it's not leaving for another 15 minutes.  By the time I arrived at 4949 Centennial Boulevard, practice is over, Alex Smith is downing some water and there are a bunch of kids running post patterns for the ball boys.  It turns out it was Kids Club day and I'm hanging around with a bunch of 8 year olds.

My buddy who got me in was handling Alex Smith's press stuff that day so he was busy for about an hour.  So I hung around and thought of some ideas for the site, drank some soda and completed a couple Sudoku puzzles.  After a while, I spoke with my friend and he mentioned the only thing left was a 3pm special teams practice session.  While I was intrigued, I didn't want to sit around for 2.5 hours and decided to call it a day.  

HOWEVER, I will be attempting this once again on Friday for their closed morning practice.  I'm hoping my normal alarm, along with my cell phone alarm will be enough to get me going.  That and heading to bed a little earlier in the evening.  Either way, I plan on having a real scouting report Friday.

The one good thing to come of this was that I had some time to go over the roster and put together my predictions for the 53 man roster.  I've got most of it figured out and am putting the final touches on it.  I've got an idea of approximately 49 men and am putting something together detailing the battle for the remaining 4 roster spots.  More to come this evening.....

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