9/18 49ers Links: Our offense would be a red state I guess

First off, I wanted to give everyone a FANTASY UPDATE on the Niners Nation fantasy squad.  We pulled out a big win 134-132 this week to improve to 1-1 and pull into a second place tie.  CBS-Sportsline also has power rankings which measure record, total points and what your record would be against everybody every week and in that we're 3rd overall thanks to a pair of high scoring weeks.  We can thank Steve Smith primarily for this win.  Here's a breakdown of each person's points, plus a total look at the statistics for the week

B. Roethlisberger QB 14
R. Brown RB 6
R. Johnson RB 18
L. Coles WR 5
L. Fitzgerald WR 8
S. Smith WR 35
K. Winslow TE 16
J. Nedney K 6
L. Jordan RB-WR    15
D. 49ers DST 11
Total    242 PaYd, PaTD (1), PaInt, 320 RuYd, 466 ReYd, 5 ReTD (25,7,12,74,13), FL, FG (40), 2 XP
16 PA, 2 DFR, 6 SACK    134 total points

I'll post available free agents in here later today.  Anthony Gonzalez is definitely someone we can probably cut at some point to make room for a free agent.  Some running backs out there include DeShawn Wynn and Sammy Morris.  Morris is less flashy but he's getting some decent carries in New England and might help on a bye week alongside Fred Taylor (who we already have).  Thoughts?

In the meantime, we have a running theme in the clips: that nasty old conservative 49ers offense:

Nolan discusses expectations and the criticism that can come with them.

The Sacramento Bee's version discussing how "Victory Monday" wasn't quite as exciting as it might normally be.  I think we should have Victory Monday here when the fantasy team wins!

Nolan doesn't think he's conservative but DOES believe there is a time in every game for conservative calls.

Ann Killion thinks the Raiders are gritty and we lack style.  Well we're 2-0 and they're 0-2 so put that in your pipe and smoke it.  Mark Purdy makes this point about our "meat grinder" win from Sunday.

A very short piece on the "day after" in the NFL.

An SJ Mercury News blog entry about the goodness of Patrick Willis

The Pittsburgh papers are gearing up for this weekend's showdown.  The Steelers is feeling pretty good heading into the matchup.

It certainly appears like Ben Roethlisberger is returning to form.

USA Today picks up the coverage of the 49ers offensive struggles and ugly victories.

The CC Times piles on the ugly victories bandwagon.  I sense a theme here.

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