Madden 08 does NOT like the 49ers

So after a long day of reading and school, I decided to fire up the Wii and simulate a 49ers season on Madden '08.  I've been thinking about this since I first started Niners Nation.  I love the 49ers, I love Madden, so I had to do a simulated season for everyone's benefit.

Well, prepare to cringe after I got probably a simulated semi-worst case season.  Feel free to post your own simulated seasons on Madden in here.

49ers 2007 Season
Week 1
Cardinals 28 - 49ers 15 (0-1)

Week 2
Rams 34 - 49ers 28 OT (0-2)

Week 3
Steelers 34 - 49ers 22 (0-3)

Week 4
49ers 23 - Seattle 20 OT (1-3)

Week 5
49ers 20 - Ravens 17 (2-3)

Week 6

Week 7
Giants 17 - 49ers 16 (2-4)

Week 8
49ers 38 - Saints 21 (3-4)

Week 9
49ers 35 - Falcons 26 (4-4)

Week 10
Seattle 20 - 49ers 10 (4-5)

Week 11
Rams 24 - 49ers 14 (4-6)

Week 12
Cardinals 37 - 49ers 7 (4-7)

Week 13
Panthers 38 - 49ers 10 (4-8)

Week 14
Vikings 23 - 49ers 7 (4-9)

Week 15
49ers 41 - Bengals 3 (5-9)

Week 16
49ers 28 - Bucs 7 (6-9)

Week 17
Browns 31 - 49ers 13 (6-10)

  • First off, in regards to the Arizona Cardinals, they actually won the West and lost to Philadelphia in the NFC title game.  What was really bizarre was that the system had Kurt Warner as their starting QB the whole year.  Kinda bizarre.
  • Frank Gore finished the season with 1367 yards and 13 TDs on 277 carries, but missed 3+ weeks with a hip pointer, which coincided with the team dropping to 4-9.
  • Alex Smith finished with an 80.2 QB rating, 2700 yards, 18 TDs and 14 INTs, but week after week he never seemed all that great.  He bottomed out in week 11 going 7-23 for 48 yards.
  • Patrick Willis was NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year finishing with 88 tackles and 5 sacks, while the defensive leader was Derek Smith with 111 tackles and 6 sacks.
  • Darrell Jackson and The Disease tied with 67 receptions, although DJack had 7 TDs to Davis's 3.
  • Arnaz Battle was a lowlight finishing with 30 receptions for 341 yards, although he struggled with injuries for chunks of the year

All in all certainly not pretty.  Thank goodness it's fake!  As part of my game day info each week I'll simulate the 49ers game that week with up to date rosters and we'll see what it shows us.  And I bet if each one of you simulated through a season, you'd get some radically different least I hope so.

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