Patrick Willis is a fan of Gina Carano...can you blame him?

Things are certainly pretty rough this morning after yesterday's debacle.  We've got a couple open threads to discuss the ineptness of our coaching staff and people are certainly taking advantage of them.  However, I wanted to mix things up a little with something a little more light-hearted. In spite of the ugliness of the season so far, we've got some great players that are quite unique.

I was doing my usual morning scroll of the Internet when I came across something interesting.  Turns out our man Patrick Willis is doing a little blogging.  And this isn't the Yardbarker blogging of Donovan McNabb.  Oh no my friends, Patrick Willis is blogging for!  His first entry was written after the Saints game, and his second entry was written after the Patriots game.

His entries are an assortment of thoughts concerning just about everything and anything.  It doesn't follow any sort of pattern but appears to just be things he thinks up and decides he wants to throw down a paragraph about.  One common theme early on is his interest in MMA.  In his most recent entry, he was particularly keen on Miss Gina Carano.  For those who have never heard of Carano, check out this picture and this article.  Ain't nothin finer than a woman who can kick some ass.  The post came after her most recent fight for EliteXC and Willis had this to say:

Thing is, Gina’s so pretty, on the weekend I’m thinking, Oh, don’t get hit in the face, ‘cause those pretty cheeks are going to swell up. Don’t let her step on your feet — you saw it, her opponent was just banging on her toes — ‘cause she’s going to mess ‘em up. I’m thinking she is so fine but I wouldn’t want to get on her bad side. She probably wouldn’t just slap you, she’d just punch you right in the face. When two guys are fighting, you’re cheering for them to just take it out on each other. But when two chicks are fighting, especially one as good looking as she is, I can’t help but think, Please don’t mess up that pretty face! Her father, Glenn, played quarterback in the NFL for the Cowboys, so she’s got some great genes. She’s a bombshell in more ways than one. Not only with her looks but she’s also a bombshell with her fists and kicks.

It sounds like Bamm Bamm is going to be blogging on a weekly basis for Playboy.  He's covered everything from Carano to video games to the team's play on the field to his brief thoughts on the upcoming election.  Heck, he even threw out his thoughts on OJ:

When I heard that O.J. Simpson got convicted of armed robbery and kidnapping charges, I was thinking that whole situation is crazy. I don’t want to say anything bad about him, but when you have a big case like he did in 1995, and you get off for that with all the evidence that was there, I would think that you would never want to get anything near wrong again, that you wouldn’t want to tempt fate, you know. Don’t do anything wrong for the rest of your life because they’re going to be on you. But he did so much stuff like that crazy book (If I Did It), then he gets caught up in this robbery scheme. You got off one time before, man, what were you thinking? It’s almost like he was destined to go to jail.

So, go ahead and check it out.  I can't find a link to all his articles, but if you check out the Playboy Sports section they'll all be in there every week.  We already knew Patrick Willis was awesome, time and again.  This is just a little more proof of that.

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