Week 8 Prediction Games: The Results

You might not believe this, but the prediction games results actually got rained out yesterday. Yup. I could hardly believe it myself. I mean, it wasn't even raining in San Rafael yesterday. Clear skies and everything. But geographically speaking, the internets is, as we all know, a series of tubes located in Philadelphia, and it's best not to get them wet.

I'm only pretty sure that I'm not confusing the internets with a series of tubes made out of gremlins.

Back to the point, though, totally rained out. The commissioner of the predictions games results thingy came on ESPN and made an announcement and everything. Between nose picks, he probably even said something intelligible about it. I wouldn't know, though, because I was too busy watching him pick his nose. Those of you who were checking here for updates instead of ESPN didn't see that press conference, though. Instead your coverage just went straight into reruns of the Steve Harvey Show.

But they stopped playing the Steve Harvey Show after midnight, because bad things happen if you watch the Steve Harvey Show after midnight, especially when your tubes are wet.

Assuming that none of that makes any sense except in the most cursory way and that I've done my job (my job being to delay the actual results for as long as I can by making you read a bunch of nonsense) here are the results:

Seattle @ 49ers

  1. albertoleecho (20)
  2. groug (22)

Indianapolis @ Tennessee

  1. 49erLou, sfgfan (6)
  2. sancho8297, ProfessorBigelow, zonedogs (8)
  3. good as gold (10)

San Diego @ New Orleans

  1. Rishi, Fooch (6)
  2. 49erLou, shlecko (10)
  3. proudcanadian99, Florida Danny (12)

Tampa Bay @ Dallas

  1. Number22Drew (16)
  2. Rishi, Josh from Hollywood (28)
  3. CB30, good as gold (30)

St. Louis @ New England

  1. wjackalope, Josh from Hollywood (2)
  2. illini49er, zonedogs (4)
  3. sfgfan (6)

Atlanta @ Philadelphia

  1. Number22Drew, Ninjames, Rishi (2)
  2. marcello (4)
  3. bayboy, Mike Hawk (6)

Which makes our week 8 leaderboard look like this:

  1. wjackalope – 38
  2. albertoleecho – 27
  3. Niner Fan Lost in WI – 24
  4. 49erLou – 23
  5. marcello – 21
  6. good as gold – 20
  7. sfgfan – 20
  8. Josh from Hollywood – 19
  9. Number22Drew – 19
  10. proudcanadian99 – 19
  11. StrictlyFootball – 19
  12. howtheyscored – 17
  13. illini49er – 16
  14. Ninerfromacrossthepond – 16
  15. SuperFly – 16
  16. Fooch – 15
  17. Mike Hawk – 15
  18. Vote4Gore – 15
  19. bayboy – 14
  20. groug – 14
  21. jtoj – 14
  22. CB30 – 13
  23. 408 – 12
  24. JerseyNinerFan – 12
  25. Netsky – 12
  26. Ninjames – 12
  27. sam23 – 12
  28. Rishi – 11
  29. youngbuckeroo – 11
  30. montasmob69 – 9
  31. mojorisin’ – 9
  32. ro128487 – 9
  33. sancho8297 – 9
  34. shlecko – 9
  35. PHUT! – 6
  36. UnleashTheGore – 6
  37. etb2 – 5
  38. gatling – 5
  39. J2daZ – 5
  40. Ali4President – 4
  41. camwoody – 4
  42. zonedogs – 4
  43. Niners_Are_The_NFL – 3
  44. The Golden One – 3
  45. Ceradecke – 2
  46. KingofDucks1987 – 2
  47. ProfessorBigelow – 2
  48. DiegoAsFan – 1
  49. Florida Danny – 1
  50. jfainsf49 – 1

This was an interesting week. Almost all of the shuffling happened in our top 15, but the biggest gain by far has to be given to Rishi. After persevering through some rough weeks, he finally got a fair shake and moved up 12 spots from 41st a week ago to a tie for 29th today. His 8 points this week is one of the highest totals we've seen all year, and I believe it is the highest total we've seen that did not include a perfect prediction. I could be wrong, though, as sometimes I am wrong. For instance, apparently the internets isn't actually a series of tubes - it's actually series of bewbs. I found this out when I ran a google image search for [any word in any language]. Nonetheless, damn good show, Rishi.

Some other players who really helped their causes were sfgfan and Josh from Hollywood, both climbing into the top ten for what must seem to them like the first time in years. If I understand Josh from Hollywood's strategy correctly, the trick to doing well in this game is by complaining about how average you are at it. I've filed this information away for later. Congratulations to both players.

Meanwhile, albertoleecho completely "Price Is Righted" groug on the 49ers game, and stole a first place finish there to take sole possession of second place overall. Unfortunately, wjackalope continued his streak of coming ridiculously close in one stupid game a week and kept the gap from closing by doing it. Unconfirmed reports indicate that he's not willing to go to such lengths for Old Navy.

Fooch held onto a top 20 spot by scoring first place points in what turned out to be a fairly unpredictable the Saints game (considering most here predicted the Chargers would win). And as for me, well, boy am I falling into mediocrity here. I mean, my score is becoming really average. I'm such an average player. Average average average. I'm so average I didn't even score this week. In fact, I took the average of how average I am, and the answer came out to me. Try not to be too mean about it, though.

There, I think that should cover me for about 60 points next week. It will help my score that the 49ers aren't playing.

Oh yeah:

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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