Despite Changes, Why Are the 49ers Losing?

Ho Humm.. Ooops. Why I said oops? Because Mike Nolan  chose a new offensive coordinator, and some new weapons.

Now new Head Coach Singletary is left to salvage what is left of the season, with quarterback O'Sullivan having thrown most of the season away, with his inconsistencies.

Isaac Bruce, one of the top receivers in the game, since his 153 yard explosion of a game, has been generally quiet, simply getting into the end zone at times, but he needs more yards, because that usually means more damage has been done.

Bryant Johnson who? I think we all can recall he had one 78 yard receiving game. Other than that, not much. Was he doing better with the Cardinals as the 4th receiver than he is as the 2nd receiver with the 49ers?

Arnaz Battle, he has been around but...same result this year as the previous years...

O'Sullivan is a culprit of creating turnovers either by fumbling or getting intercepted. If he secures the ball and makes the throws he can make, he will look more like a pro bowl caliber quarterback. Some efficient quarterback with high rating scores are the ones that avoid interceptions even turnover rates. That is why Offensive Coordinator Mike Martz brought with him O'Sullivan into the fold, because he has that potential. O'Sullivan has found himself into a predicament where he is not helping the team win.

Martz has the offense but not the right players for it. O'Sullivan can fit in with the offense but he has areas of weakness that has to be disposed of before Martz realizes he is not the right fit as quarterback for this type of offense. We need a quarterback that can escape the pass rush and one that will not throw too many interceptions, and one that can throw the ball downfield, who secures the ball the way he is supposed to, and who can scramble if he has to. O'Sullivan can be brilliant on one play and utterly stink in the other. He'll take it away from you and in another, give you a gift wrapped in a bow. I kind of wonder if he wears his own socks...because, he stinks up the place and doesn't look like himself, the dazzling self he was during the preseason.

These coaches and players were brought to the team for the sole purpose of winning, which has not been achieved. There are never enough spark-plugs to make it a smooth running engine of a team. We need to close it out with the final nuts and bolts and make sure it is a well-oiled machine which makes everything work. It takes BOTH the coaches and the players, EVEN the support of the team management, to make it work.

When the 49ers were running up scores 30-plus points or more, Mike Nolan's job was safe. When they had their rug pulled up from under, from O'Sullivan's poor showings in the regular NFL season, Nolan got fired immediately before the bye.

Singletary yet again, is not an offensive-minded coach, the departed Nolan wasn't either, so the offense is completely in the hands of Martz. The head coach will only make quarterback switch decisions if he thinks it is necessary as sometimes offensive coordinators are loyal to their quarterbacks despite their performance. The OC can see how the quarterback is progressing but the head coach wants RESULTS. But, Singletary may make better game management decisions than Nolan did.

Return of investment is what everyone wants all along, we sign players to a multi-million dollar contracts because we expect a huge return of investment (ROI). Losing badly by giving away the ball and creating penalties that we can prevent is NOT a ROI. It's a dead giveaway.

Remember NFL stars say "I want my MONEYYYYYYY!!!"

I say, and we say, "We want our MONEY'S WORTH!!!!!!!!"

And we all want our return-of-investment. No shit. We have to start winning.

Or nobody will want to sign with the 49ers, either.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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