8 Step Offseason Plan

1) Coaching and Scheme: Keep the coaching staff together and try to build continuity.  While some may not like Martz, he has improved an offense that was historically bad last season (statistically in the bottom five in league history).  Yes, there were a lot of turnovers and sacks when "Just Turnovers" was refusing to throw the ball away.  However, since Nolan's firing and the Hill replacement the offense has looked solid.  We should give this group another year to come together and show what they can do. 

As far as Singletary goes, he may or may not be the best coach for this team, but I believe he deserves a shot.  A three year contract should do it.

2) Cuts: Jennings, Sims and TBC 
3) Do not resign: JTO, Jaime Martin, Duckett
4) Resignings: B. Johnson (2 year deal, #3 receiver money), Alex Smith (lowball offer for 3 years), Rossum (1 year deal, same deal as last year), Spikes (1 year deal, same deal as last year), Eric Heitman (4 year deal, starting C money), Tony Wragge (3 year deal, backup guard money), Keasey (1 year deal, minimum), Fields (2 year deal, minimum)
5) Signings: JP Losman (if Alex doesn't resign for the lowball offer) and Albert Haynesworth (whatever it take$ - picking up Haynesworth will improve the play of the entire front seven by attracting attention, and blockers, from the opposing offense) 
6) Roster Status after above moves

QB - Hill, Smith/Losman
RB - Gore, Foster, Robinson
FB - Keasey
TE - VD, Walker, Bajema
LT - Staley (Synder)
LG - Bass (Wragge)
C - Heitman (Walace)
RG - Rachal (Wragge)
RT - ??? (Synder)
WR - Bruce, Johnson, Morgan, Hill and Battle
DE - Smith, McDonald, Balmer,
DT - Sopoaga, Franklin, Fields and Haynesworth (maybe)
LB - Willis, Lawson, Spikes, Brooks, Ulbrich, Green, Harralson
CB - Clements, Harris, Spencer, Strickland, Brown, Hudson, Smith
SS - M Lewis, K Lewis
FS - Roman, Goldson
7) Assuming we get Losman and Haynesworth, our weakest starter are Synder (RT), Roman (FS),  Keasey (FB), Harralson (OLB), Harris (CB - but only because of age) and _____ (QB of the future)

8) Guys I like in the draft (this is probably a bit premature):
#1 pick (in the 8-15 range) in order of preference
- Matt Stafford or Sam Bradford (We're not getting either of these guys unless we trade up, and Bradford may not even declare, but if they drop for some reason we should grab them)
- Andre Smith (likely gone, top 5 pick), Michael Oher or Eugene Monroe (Stud LT/RTs to solidfy the line for the next 6 years - Heitman would be the oldest at 27)
- Terrance Cody (6'5", 370 DT) (absolutely huge NT would command a double team and free up Smith and our OLBs on the edge...but may not declare and only if we don't get Haynesworth)
- Rey Maualuga (6-3, 260.  That's a lot of money invested on inside LBs, and it may not be a need with the possible development of Ahmad Brooks, but this guy is an absolute beast.  Huge, powerful, fast, aggressive, strong interior blitzer, huge hitter, block shedder type.  Would be perfect next to Willis.)
- Vontae Davis (Vernon's brother, a great CB prospect, could add a family element to the Davis drama) or Malcom Jenkins (the top CB prospect) (to replace the ageless Walt Harris...who might be able to transition to FS and take over Roman's job)
- I don't like any of the pass rushers available this year at the top of the draft (Orapko could be good, but he also has potential steroids suspension written all over him.  He put on 50lbs of muscle in the past two years.  I have also read about Everett Brown, but he just doesn't strike me of being worthy of a pick this high.  Of course if we win out and we're picking closer to the number 15 pick than to the 9 pick, things may be different.)
#2 pick (in the 40ish range) in order of preference
- Taylor Mays (6'3", 230 playmaking S, HUGE upgrade over Mark "no picks in two years" Roman) (if we get him this late its an absolute steal)
- William Moore (playmaking FS, 6'1, 225, would be an upgrade over Roman, also likely gone by this point in the draft)
- Nate Davis (QB, Ball State) (also likely gone, but you never know with small school qbs...)
- Eben Britton, Ciron Black, Jason Smith, Russel Okung, Alex Boone, Phil Loadholdt (RT prospects at top of the second if we don't grab one in the first...I think we need to go OT with one of our first two picks...given that Mays, Moore and Nate Davis will likely be gone at this point, one of these tackles may be our best bet)
- BJ Raji (6'1", 325 DT) (second best NT prospect should be available in this range....but only if we don't get Haynesworth)
- One of the pass rushing OLBs: Greg Hardy, George Selvie or Jerrie Hugues (one of these guys will drop)
- Jeremy Maclin or Percy Harvin (if they drop this far, we could use the blazing speed and playmaking these guys bring)
- Brandon Spikes (6'3", 245 MLB, tough and good in coverage, to pair with Willis in 3-4...but not a big need)
Remaining Rounds: BPA, but I'd like a QB picked up at some point as well as a DB, a OLB/DE tweener, a OL for depth, and a big short yardage runner.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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