Golden Nuggets: I said it before, and I'll say it ag--Bruuuuuuuuuuce!

So as I type this I have the championship match between the Vikings and the Falcons on from a few years back, not paying a whole lot of attention to it. I just heard Madden say "You play until.. well.. until someone wins the game, that's overtime." Damned if I'm not sick of the McNabb jokes concerning overtime, but damned if I'm not about to make one. I think this is where McNabb got his information--listening to John Madden. Ok, so it wasn't very good but I'm very tired and I haven't slept yet, give me a break. Anyway, I'm pumped for Sunday, I really need some kind of epic beatdown delivered by the 49ers and I gotta say I hope we do it. I've really nothing against the Rams but I think we need to completely desttroy 'em. That is all.

The umpire who got taken out of Sunday's game due to a collision with two Miami players lost two teeth and needed fourteen stitches. Ouuch. (

One word... Bruuuuuuuuuuuce. (

LS Brian Jennings is very passionate about his position. No, seriously, stop laughing. I really admire this guy and his talent. (

Apparently Vernon Davis gets confused for Steven Jackson. Not news, exactly, but I laughed. (

This is perhaps the oddest (is that a word) interview I've ever read. Ok, it doesn't come close but its pretty weird. (

Justin Smith is on the Singletary bandwagon. Good, good.. (

Foster is expected to make his second straight start. Give me some Clayton, pleeease. (

Again, here's the video preview for tomorrow's game. (

And here's a weather update for the game as well. (

Is Isaac Bruce underrated? I believe so. (

Here's this week's Coordinators Corner. (

The prediction over at this Rams blog is grim--for them. (

So the Billick/Nolan rumors are unfounded. Maaan, either way I wish to destory Nolan at some point. Take that how you want. (

Five things the 49ers must address to return to respectability. One thing this article brings up is the fullback position. I believe we're fine in that sense, at least for next season. Zak Keasey should be back and I gotta say I believe he'll make a good fullback. He'd never played the position before but I've seen him on the field and I can tell he's a good football player. I'd hate to see him go, and I really hope he gets another chance next season. He's got athletic talent, and with an offseason to truly learn the fullback position, hey we might be set there. (

An open letter to Jed York. It brings up some good points, laced with the oh-so-common ignorance of someone who thinks they have all the answers. A good read regardless. (

We'll finish with a defense of McCloughan and a look at the Niners' drafting. (

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