Golden Nuggets: Mustaches are the big news? Well at least there's not an injury.

Hey guys, James here. I'm getting more excited by the day. I just cant wait for Sunday, but more so I cant wait until after Sunday... I want the offseason. I want to see all the changes, decisions, I want it all. And (hopefully) I'll be on here to report it all to you. But onto the now, or more accurately, Sunday. I feel good about the Redskins. It shouldn't be too bad, I feel like we can come away with the win. I'm hoping for a Clayton sighting, and beyond that I haven't much else to add. Enjoy the links for today.

Hire Singletary. Now. That pretty much sums up my thoughts and this article. (

You know, we just might. Schefter reports that we could announce as early as a few days after the season. I really hope so. (

This is too good not to link, even if you've already read it. Mustaches ftw. (

So Singletary gave the players Christmas off. What do you think of this? Thursday is "the most important day of practice" so is he making a mistake? (

More on... the mustaches? Really? Alright, why the (site decorum) not? At any rate, there's some other notes and such. (

Here's a nice article from Yahoo Sports about Shaun Hill, Josh Morgan's catch, and general information aplenty. I really hope Shaun Hill is our starter next season, honestly. (

How close were we to the playoffs? This bugs the crap outta me, honestly. (

Singletary keeps his expectations high. Apparently he felt we could've got into the playoffs once he took over. (

Frank Gore plans to practice, he wants to play Sunday. Honestly, I feel like we should rest him. I'm sorry but I don't want the guy hurt bad. I also want to see some Thomas Clayton, any sighting would be nice. (

In case you missed it, the postgame press conference. (

Some of these were posted yesterday in the comments by Fooch but here's a look at the TD catch from Josh Morgan. (

And some highlights from the game. (

How about Shaun HIll's fish analogy? He should stick to quarterbacking rather than uh... I dunno, analogy..making.. I guess? (

And here's yesterday's Singletary's Notebook. (

That's all for now, I'll be on all day so expect updates. Note, I was supposed to be linking these and checking the 'Open in new window' box but I realized just now that I did on some, but not on all. I'll edit in a few moments hopefully and change that, if not then as of tomorrow the links will be opening up in new windows. That is all.

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