2009 49ers Free Agents: Should they stay or should they go? Poll has been redone...

Well with all the talk about if Mike Singletary has done enough to be the 49ers head coach next year, it got me pondering about the 49er's 2009 free agents and who has earned a spot on the team for next year.

J.T. O'Sullivan(QB) - UFA: Where are all those chants i heard at the beginning of the year, those "JTO JTO JTO JTOOOOOOOOO!!!" guys. Of course I was a Smith supporter so I shouldn't talk. Anyways while we all know about his 11 interceptions and his 2 lost fumbles (fumbled at least 6 times though) in a 8 week span he had some positive sides as well. He averaged  210 yards per game and in his first 3 weeks he had around a 103.3 QB rating. Plus he was a definite competitor and maybe if Martz didn't 7 step drop him as much, and if Martz had given him a similar game plan as Shaun Hill's, perhaps he would have done better. I think he is a solid back-up and if the 49ers pass on renewing Smith's contract they could do worse than re-signing JTO.

Zak Keasey(FB) - RFA: Was not a bad FB, not a great one, but not bad. He has the speed to run with Gore and can set up outside blocks, but he is definitely not a great receiving Full-back. Also there were some occasions where his missed blitz pick-ups led to JTO being flat on his back. He is still very young and has room to improve, but perhaps Michael Robinson may make a permanent move to Full-Back and leave Keasey on the outside looking in. It should be noted though that he was a stand-out on special teams.

Bryant Johnson(WR) - UFA: Surprisingly, Johnson's stats have been consistently good when the quarter back has been consistent. In the first three weeks he had 1 touchdown and averaged 50 yards a game and since Shaun Hill has been playing he has 2 touch downs and averages 43 yards a game. He hasn't been stellar, but has been solid. I think since It's very doubtful that Bruce will be playing after next season and because of the youth of our WRs, if we don't get a veteran WR next year it would be nice to have Johnson stay and provide some experience.

Eric Heitmann(C) - UFA - He has had a pro-bowl caliber year, won the O-lineman award (Bobb McKittrick award) and besides from Staley, is the only proven O-lineman this team has. A must Re-Sign. AND HE IS!!!!!!!!!! Thank you bay boy.

Tony Wragge(OG) - RFA - He stormed through training camp and took the starting Guard position after Bass was hurt, but since mid season is now the back up guard. He is known as the strongest guy on the team but it seems his lack of technique and speed has left him vulnerable to speed pass rushers.

Allen Rossum(CB/RS) - UFA - He has been a great improvement in the return game and when he was out, his absence was sorely noticeable. The three downsides for him is his age, his injury proneness, and the fact that the 49ers are giving up a roster spot for only a return specialist. I think if the 49ers are planning to draft a speed WR who can do returns, then Roosum might be out on his butt, but if not, then I wouldn't mind seeing him back next year.

Some other 49ers free agents are Jamie Martin(QB), Damane Duckett(OL), and Ronald Fields(DL). 

So who should stay and who should go?

QB - Jamie Martin UFA  - Go   
QB - J.T. O'Sullivan UFA - Stay
FB - Zak Keasey RFA - Stay
WR - Bryant Johnson UFA - Stay
OG - Tony Wragge RFA - Stay
OL - Damane Duckett UFA - Go
DL - Ronald Fields UFA - Go
CB - Allen Rossum UFA - Go



By the way, i just saw that the Yankees have signed Mark Texiara for 8 years and 180 Million. I am a giants fan and have been one since I was 5. The way the Yankees have thrown around there money and the lack of off season improvement this year from the Giants has led me to boycott this baseball season. I'm sorry but the way the MLB is set up, large market teams will always have an upper hand. Ya maybe a small market team will have a run for a year or two, but once the stars become free agents you can bet the big market team will out bid them 10 times over. This Sucks...

I was just on fritz and brooks (I was Gino) talking about this, I think I held my own for that 7 minute call but probably not.



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