Day 2 picks (esp. for round 3)

Here are some guys that I think could help us on Day 2.  I would be shocked if Dan Conner fell to us, but he's not gone yet, so he's on the list.  I think our biggest needs are probably at linebacker after the first 2 picks (loved the Balmer pick, by the way--talk about a guy who brings flexibility to your D-line; I'm less wild about the Rachal pick, but I think he has the ability to contribute and the potential to develop into a solid player, particularly because he's a Junior with upside).  The guys are listed in the order they appear on newerascouting's site.  I've listed in brackets my own order of preference and reasoning after each of the guys listed.  Right now I'm bummed about the Chicago flip-flop, because I think some of the top-drawer guys here will be gone, but I'm confident that there's still value to be had.  We shall see.

Dan Connor, LB
(1-coulda/shoulda been a 1st-rounder, and would line up at the TED spot nicely; he's the sure thing)

Shawn Crable, DE/OLB
(2-seems to fit the pass-rushing OLB need really nicely, and if he could live up to the Julian Petersen-esque upside, that would be outstanding.  If Connor’s the sure thing, Crable’s the guy you pick on potential.)

Reggie Smith, S
(4-I know that safety isn't a huge need, but everything I've read about this guy says that he should be gone by now, so this is a value pick.  He'd be another guy who could even step in as a nickel corner and bring some good coverage ability to the safety spot--which we know is not Lewis' strong side.)

Earl Bennett, WR
(7-I like his experience coming out of Vandy and his potential in a Martz-ian offense.  He also seems to fit Martz’s draft metrics—though he’s a bit slow.  He’ll probably work the slot better than Caldwell will, so his contributions could come earlier than Caldwell’s would)

Andre Caldwell, WR
(6-this is another value-type pick.  I like his stretch-the-field speed and his route-running ability.)

Justin King, CB
(11-I’m surprised no team has become infatuated with his 4.31 combine time…and think I’ve become infatuated by it myself.  Having a DB with that kind of speed just seems like a good idea, even if he could play the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz.  Deion couldn’t tackle either).

Xavier Adibi, OLB
(10-I'm surprised how little I've heard about this guy given the scouting report they've given him.  The biggest worry I have about him is his size and whether he's a fit for the 3-4.  He’d probably need a year before he was ready to play a big role, but the scouting report projects him as an inside-backer in a 3-4, so I’m willing to go with that.)

Erin Henderson, ILB
(9-Here's another guy who could step into the TED spot, though I think he'd only really be a contributor next year, after he’s gone through the Singletary School of Linebacking.  I like his potential, and he’d be higher on this list if it weren’t for his recognition issues and his injury history.)

Dajuan Morgan, S
(7-This is another guy who could give some flexibility to the defensive backfield.  He looks like a guy with good physical tools

Cliff Avril, DE
(3-I like the look of this guy at the pass-rushing OLB slot, too--love the 4.5 speed and the Purdue pedigree.  In fact, I wonder why they have this guy so far down the list)

Ali Highsmith, LB
(12-This guy is the anti-Justin King.  Tons of heart and smarts, but no brains.  The disconnect between the film and the combine numbers might play in this guy’s favor; it just seems like he was too highly rated before the combine to be so far down draft boards after it.  If he could learn to shed blocks and live up to his potential (newera compares him to Briggs), he could be a real steal…so maybe we could pick him up in round 4?)

Carl Nicks, OT
(5-He seems like a guy that has dropped because of character concerns, which I don’t think are THAT big, especially after Matt B’s interview this past week.  He’d be higher on this list if Rachal hadn’t been picked)

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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