We have 8 Wide Receivers. Can we improve the winning formula?

Isaac Bruce,

Josh Morgan,

Michael Crabtree,

Arnaz Battle,

Brandon Jones,

Jason Hill,

Micheal Spurlock,

Dominique Zeigler. (practice squad)


Receiving Stats for reference

G Rec Yds Y/G AVG Lng TD
Arnaz Battle 4 4 31 7.8 7.8 12 0 (with 3 Kick Returns)
Isaac Bruce 4 13 167 41.8 12.8 50 0
Glen Coffee 4 6 48 12 8 12 0
Vernon Davis 4 17 211 52.8 12.4 31 3
Frank Gore 3 8 57 19 7.1 11 1
Josh Morgan 3 9 124 41.3 13.8 25 1
Michael Robinson 4 3 12 3 4 8 0
Micheal Spurlock 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 (with 1 Rush Attempt)
Delanie Walker 4 2 27 6.8 13.5 17 0



That's 8 WR's (not counting TE's and RB's), and based on our optimism and preseason discussions, it looks for sure that 6 of these WR's can be the #3 or #4 WR or higher.


I actually like all of these players for this season and future seasons, but still, it's eight WR's. Considering the Trade deadline discussion coming up and potential immediate improvement at offensive line. I would think we would rather give up a WR since it looks like somehow thats where we have the most depth [except Linebacker position where all the players are huge contributors and should stick around] rather than giving up a draft pick this year to trade for OL.


Furthermore, through 4 games, only 4 of the 8 WR's (Bruce, Morgan, Battle, Spurlock) have contributed to a catch, run, or return. So not counting any blocking contribution for all WR's, they have combined for 30 touches (around 2 per player, per game). So with Crabtree coming up to speed in the next several weeks, and Jones and J.Hill being available when they weren't the first four games, now there's even less opportunities for any one player to get the ball more.

We can argue that S.Hill and Raye are opening up the passing game a bit more so the pass opportunities will increase, especially if O-line in pass protection improves. But then we can also argue that for 2 of those 4 games, we didn't have Gore which should result in boosted WR stats (but they aren't) since we would think we probably ran slightly less with Coffee than we did with Gore, despite the run-heavy emphasis. Also we have V.Davis, D.Walker, and F.Gore, that are all receiving threats in addition to the current WR's getting looks. 


Any ideas if anyone might be traded?

Also, who would we like to most have in 2010?


I think B.Jones is the only one I haven't attached to, probably because he hasn't played much, and we got him before we drafted Crabtree.

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