Hill is OUR guy(Reality Check)

Everyone slow down, take some deep breaths and count to 10 and repeat the process. I think sunday's loss was exactly what we needed not only as fans but for the 49ers as well. I think we all were sipping a little bit too much of the good kool-aid. Before the season started most of us predicted that the 49ers would go 9-7 and  10-6 at best. Some of you may have even had them slightly better than that but that was just wishul thinking by you. I hate to use a funny cliche but the 49ers are who we thought they are and that fast start against the weak NFC west got us hyped.

Coach Singletary even stated this in so many words after the game. "Just as I said before the season started, we have to play great football. We have to execute on both sides of the ball. We cannot give the ball away. And at the same time, we have to execute on the defensive side of the ball. When we don’t do that against a good football team, this is going to be the result."

The 49ers have to execute in every aspect of the game in order to be a winning team and yesterday was exactly the opposite. There really isn't any reason to see fanpost about pulling Shaun Hill out and putting Alex Smith in or that we should be getting Nate Davis ready to go(that would mean that the 49ers are giving up on the season) and you too and it is not time for that.

Yes I agree Shaun Hill played like the crap I stepped in last night when walking my dog but every person is entitled to a few bad games. Chicago Bear fans were calling for Jay Cutler's head the first 2 weeks because he looked bad but now? Now they are rejoicing for joy because he has looked great as of late.  I suggest that everyone who can go back and watch the game go back and watch the game(though why would you) but if you do you will see that Shaun Hill had absolutely no time in the pocket to throw(this is how QB's develop happy feet).This problem blocking scheme the 49ers have is re-occuring because teams now know that the 49ers can not handle a pass rush right now. So I expect to see some changes very soon as Coach Singletary has stated he will do but it won't be at quarterback. I think most people would be shocked if that happens but again you just never know.

With that said; do you really think Alex Smith can do a better job with the exact same issue? After all it is Hill who is known for  his short accurate throws and not Smith. Smith is more known for his mobility and deep throws but there lies(or is it lays) the problem. If you do not have enough time to drop back and pass the long throws will not matter. Some of you will say Alex Smith can roll out of the pocket! And do what exactly? When you do that you cut off half of the field for completed passes because unless you are John Elway and maybe he who shall not be named that is a throw you do not make. (Please keep in mind I am an Alex Smith supporter).

The 49ers played so terrible on sunday that there is no way to pinpoint where it all went bad. Was it the opening kick off that was so bad I wondered if my nephew couldn't have done better or was it the play calling. I personally believe that the 49ers were out coached on offense and defense which is very rare on defensive side of the ball (so all of you Greg needs to go supporters need to calm down as well).

Shaun Hill is our guy probably for the entire year whether you like it or not. If and when Shaun Hill starts to turn the ball over that is when you will see Coach Singletary make a change but that will not happen until the entire offense starts to play like an NFL offense should do. Right now they are not there mentally or physically so let's hope that the bye week will fix the problems and that Crabtree helps the team out in a big way(but I have my doubts).

This is a 9-7 team...did you really expect us to not lose anymore? Maybe not as ugly but a loss is a loss whether you lose on the last second or getting blown out; it all still hurts the same. We will be okay we really will; lets give it a few more weeks before we start talking about QB changes. Changing qb's now is not the way to go you guys know this but new  O.lineman? Maybe.

HILL IS OUR GUY but I'm sure Crabtree is saying...why didn't I wait one more week.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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