Any Given Sunday:

Now that reality has finally set in(or maybe it hasn't) that the 49ers are a slightly above aveage team I thought it would be a good idea to see what the 49er fans forsee happening the rest of season as far as remaining games. It really is quite difficult to predict the outcome of any game but throw in the fact that the 49ers just got humilitated on the field verses the falcons it makes you wonder what team will show up on sundays and in turn makes it that much harder to predict.

While it makes sense to believe that the team that played the first few weeks is the team that the 49er fans can believe in; a loss as ugly as the before mentioned makes you take a step back and rethink the games we as fans counted as a victory. There a lot of things that can happen inbetween now and Week 7 with the trade deadline fast approaching; however  the more likely situation to happen is that we will see a few changes on the offensive line which will probably remain within the players that the 49ers already  have on the roster.

So with that said as we all know on any given sunday anything is plausible and though we as 49er fans would love to not lose another game; the reality of it all is that the 49ers probably will. So the question I ask the 49er faithful is this. What games will the 49ers win and what games will the 49ers lose of the remaining schedule? Give me your best case and worst case scenario(if you must) and let's see who is right at the end of the season. Hopefully this will not get in the way of Fooch's weekly prediction games and if you are unaware of  what that  is exactly please go check it out.

After the jump I will give the remaining games and my prediction of truth.

Week 7: @ Houston Texans: The 49ers will have Gore back and Crabtree playing; will that be enough? Will the 49ers prepare for the texans the way the falcons prepared for the 49ers? My gut instinct is to say yes but the texan's offense scares me. In fact it reminds me a lot of Atlanta's; how so? Turner/Slaton, Ryan/Schuab, White/Johnson. With that said I give the nod to the 49ers. 24-21

Week 8: @ Indianapolis Colts: I am a realist and even though I bleed red and gold all the way in the east coast I also know truth and the truth is this. It will take either a perfect game by the 49ers or horrible game by Peyton for the 49ers to come out of Indy with a win. I wonder how it feels to fly under the radar every year and yet somehow be one of the best teams no one talks about. Thats the colts and they win 35-21.

Week 9: Tennesse Titans: Some would say that this is a sure win for the 49ers but I beg to differ. Should we win? Sure but will we win? The titans haven't won but have you seen the teams they played? Pittsburg who they lost to 10-3, Houston who they lost to 34-31, NY Jets who they lost to 24-17, and the jags who they lost 37-17. How many of those teams are better than us and they were in every game. I don't see a lot of scoring in this game and I'm going to believe the real 49ers will show up and the 49ers win 17-14.

Week 10: Chicago Bears: Quite frankly I believe the bears are better than the 49ers(on paper) and at the QB postion and for me this is where the game is decided. If the 49ers do not get to Cutler this game is over before it started and if the 49ers O.line doesn't block for longer than 2 seconds against a good defense this game will be as bad as the falcons game. The outcome for me? The bears win 35-20.

Week 11: @ Green Bay Packers: I guess this is the 49ers trip through the NFC North and even though the Packers have a better QB unlike the bears they don't have a better defense. The offensive line of the packers and 49ers both suck as I write this so barring some complete turnaround by week 11 the 49ers defense will get to Rogers and help pull out a win. The 49ers win 28-21

Week 12: Jacksonville Jaguars: This is a team who you don't know what you will get; I mean one week they blow out the titans and the next they get blown out by the seahawks who we blew out. I think the jaguars are who we thought they are and that's the team who loss to the hawks. 49ers win in a close one 24-20

Week 13: @ Seattle Seahawks: A very crucial game for the 49ers in fact I will go as far to say that it is a MUST win game for them. A loss here with a tough game coming up against the cardinals the following week; things could get out of hand quickly for the playoffs. The seahawks will want revenge and probably will be a lot healthier than in the first meeting. But I believe the 49ers are the cream of crop and will rise to the top in the NFC west. A closer competition this time around. The 49ers win 31-21

Week 14: Arizona Cardinals: I will keep this short and sweet...the 49ers better win this game because the cardinals will be on their heels the entire season. A loss here may determine who goes to the playoffs. Previous years I believe this season series has been split between the teams....not this year. 49ers win 28-27

Week 15: @ Philadelphia Eagles: Remember I said I am a realist? Yeah short and sweet....49ers lose...big!

Week 16: Detroit Lions: With the loss still lingering in the air like a bad fart the 49ers get to play host to an improved lions team but yet still one of the worst teams in the league. Here's a hand clap to the schedule makers because the 49ers will need to build the confidence back up. 49ers win 42-28

Week 17: @ St. Louis Rams: Again let us thank the schedule makers for giving the 49ers two cupcakes at the end of season that should catapult us into the playoffs. The rams stink like some of the jobs on dirty jobs with Mike Rowe. If the 49ers lose this game it means  we were totally wrong on the 49ers being a better team than last year. 49ers win by more than 3 scores.  49ers win 42-17

So there you have it; this is my best case scenario for the 49ers and their remaining games. The worse case would be anything less than making the playoffs or for me 9-7 with a loss to the cardinals. So if I do my calculations correctly that would mean I am picking the 49ers to finish what? 10-6! But something tells me that somewhere in there the 49ers will have a relapse and lose a game they should win...I just don't  know where so here's to crossing my fingers, doing a couple hail marys, praying to God up above and crossing my chest that I'm completely wrong.

What are your thoughts and best guesses?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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