49ers hand kick return duties to RB Glen Coffee

Fooch's Note: As small a comment as this was in the Chronicle article, it's obviously worth moving to the front page for discussion.  To save space I moved most of the FanPost after the jump.  For those wondering, Coffee returned 2 kicks for 25 total yards at Alabama in 2005, but does not appear to have any other kick return experience.  Hmmmm......

Not sure if this is posted anywhere else but it says that Glen Coffee will be the kickoff return man. I don't remember reading it in any of the coaches transcripts, but this doesn't make too much sense to me, other than giving a chance to everyone in order and see who would be best at it (but maybe thats what preseason was for.)

Since we want to emphasize the run, and now that Coffee has had several full games at running back, I can see Coffee getting even more carries than the first couple of games to create a change of pace when Frank Gore needs a breather. So don't want to be tiring out Coffee on those exhausting full-speed kickoff returns.

Delanie Walker had several returns last game, and I'm sure having a 240+ pound returner going full-speed at you is intimidating, but I think at kicker returner I would rather go with someone that has agility.

So in addition to the comments about Coffee, after the loss of Rossum and with the current KR change, why is Spurlock not the one to take over for Walker on kick returns?

I guess Battle and Robinson are options at KR, but atleast they can get several snaps throughout the game on offense in 3rd down or long passing situations. But still I don't see Battle or Robinson having the speed or cutting ability to consistently get 25-30 yards a return.

Worst thing to see a return man catch the ball, carry it for 15 yards, then slow down into his blocking wall or into 2 kicking-team defenders, and get tackled. Why not instead of slowing down just make a cut like Rossum or Dante Hall used to do or I guess how Cribbs does now and keep going for atleast 5 more yards or even way more.

It feels like Spurlock is a bit quicker in that way then some of our other potential KR's.  But I remember Coach Singletary saying that we have extra WR's so they can be used on special team coverage in order to keep our defensive starters only in for defense, not special teams. Which makes perfect sense.  But still feels like Spurlock can serve more of a purpose than that.

Sounds like I'm supporting Spurlock to be the main kick returner, which actually I'm not, I just realized we have several okay kick returner options but not anyone that stands out.  What do you guys think about our options?Anyway, good luck to Coffee doing it since he'll be the one at it this weekend.

Why not, here's a poll...

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