Second Guessing

Is anyone else starting to second guess what the Niners are doing here?  I want to open this up for discussion because by keeping up with all the posts I feel like the Niners are making some big mistakes, and due to the fact that it's spread out over 15 posts it's getting a bit watered down.  Let's see if I can hit each one individually after the jump....

Rossum being let go.  While he isn't Joshua Cribbs or Darren Sproles, he is however, far and away our BEST option to return kicks and punts.  I know he has been hurt, but we have absolutely NOBODY waiting in the wings.  It's like cutting all of our QBs because they are so so.  Then putting Barry Sims back as QB.  Which brings me to....

Sheets being allowed to leave.  Ok, so he has problems with pass blocking MAYBE.  Does anyone here think Sproles is the best pass blocking RB in the league?  NO.  However he sees a LOT of playing time in KR and PR duties, in running plays, screen passes etc....Who says that Sheets has to come in on a play where he has to pass block?  Why can't he come in on a running play, or on a screen pass play, or why can't he be our Joshua Cribbs and return kicks which he has more history of doing than Coffee.  We have no RB on the roster who can take it to the house.  Have you guys seen Duplicity with Michael Keaton?  Our Running Backs are like that movie.  We have Gore, then Gore cloned whom is worse than Gore (ie Coffee), than that guy cloned who is worse is Robinson.  It seems like we built our RB based off the same type of runner, just not as good.  Where is our Sproles, our Leon Washington, our Steve Slaton, our Chris Johnson, our Ray Rice?  I mean we don't have any homerun hitters on this team.  Bad decision to let Sheets go unless we grab Javhid Best next year.

Brandon Jones signing in Free Agency.  Reports are that the Niners staff didn't want him so why sign him?  I get it, we didn't know Crabtree would be available, and we didn't know that Bruce would come back, but why sign a #3 WR on a running team, and pay him like our #1?  Why have a WR that is FAST and a downfield runner, when our QB can't throw the ball further than 30 yds without it coming down like a punt (thanks Morgan, that was funny).  Why not go after Housh?  Ok, so now that we have him, let's see what he can do.  I get it that he has been injured, but he HAS to be better than Battle, let's let Jones see the field on 3 WR formations at least. 

Chilo Rachel draft pick.  Can you say lost?  Talented yes, but get a clue buddy.  Right tackle leaves a guy for Chilo to block and the dude wanders 4 yards away blocking air.  Give me a break.

Kentwan Balmer draft pick.  Who?  Exactly, has the guy even seen the field lately?  When he does, is he even disruptive because god knows he isn't making any tackles. 

Marvel Smith signing.  I liked the signing and thought we could've potentially gotten a Pro Bowl RT on the cheap.  That's not my concern, but not having a contingency plan in place has really hurt us.  We are a running team, playing our backup Guard at RT.  You build a running team with a SOLID starting oline, with lots of depth.  Another huge oversight by the Niners. 

Jimmy Raye hiring.  I'm not so upset with the hiring.  I really don't think we had anywhere else to turn to since nobody wanted to come here.  I just think maybe Singletary was so hell bent on his beliefs with the offense nobody would come here and put their reputation on the line if they couldn't use their own vision of the offense.  With Raye, the real problem I have is that he telegraphs everything we are gonna do.  Hey guys, we are gonna run the ball, go ahead and put 9 in the box, we will still run it.  Then, he actually DOES run it.  Cmon Raye, let's throw the ball, make them pay for stacking the box.  Every other team allows their QB to audible into a passing play when there is 9 in the box, however, we are so stuck in our ways that we run anyways.  I just see a lack of adjustment by Raye.  I don't think he is doing a good enough job of seeing what works and what doesn't, and adjusting his game plan accordingly. 

Coffee pick.  I was upset when we grabbed Coffee.  Why do we need another Frank Gore?  We have Gore already.  I thought the reason for your #2 RB was as a change of pace back.  See the players I mentioned above.  For every LenDale White, there is a Chris Johnson.  For every Jerome Bettis, there was a Willie Parker.  Every Thomas Jones, a Leon Washington.  I just don't get this pickup.  It's easy now in hindsight to second guess this pick since he is the worst RB in the league but it didn't make sense at the time either.  I was hoping for an explosive back, someone that could take it to the house, instead we built our offense around what is on the field currently.  An offense that has a hard time putting up 14 points on the Rams.  An offense that is top 5 in the league in sacks again.  This coming from an Offensive Line that Coach Sing said could be the premiere line in the league. 

Now guys, don't blow up on me here.  I am a DIE HARD Niners fan, and I know they have made a LOT of good moves with Crabtree, Willis, Staley, Singletary, etc....Its just that I love this forum and it's ability to bounce thoughts and ideas off of each other.  I just wanted to build a post where we can discuss some of the moves the Niners have been making recently that I have, and I'm sure others have been second guessing.  I know a lot of us are drinking the Kool Aid and thinking, hey we are winning, but I think there are some moves being made that leave lots to be desired. 

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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