Golden Nuggets: Looking for an o-line, any o-line..

Well, maybe not the Packers o-line. Anyway, the 49ers made some moves yesterday, though I'm not sure how to take them. Or rather, I'm not sure how I feel about losing T Tony Pashos to IR. I mean of course it's never good to see somebody hurt but at the same time I feel that he wasn't playing so well at RT and his promotion to starter came because he was simply there. Still, does this mean Barry Sims gets the start? If so, I doubt I'll even watch the Colts game because I have zero faith in him whatsoever. Still, the team did promote a certain linebacker to the active roster, a certain linebacker that I happen to think can be really good when it all comes down to it. So I've got some links for you, should be a good day news wise but I'm still not optimistic about the game on Sunday and I doubt I will be at any point.

The 49ers lost Tony Pashos to injured reserve yesterday with a shoulder injury. (

They then signed a tackle from the Chief's practice squad who I've never heard of. (

LB Marques Harris was released yesterday as well, and the 49ers elevated Diyral Briggs from the practice squad. This move I have a small bit of optimism for, seeing as how I believe Briggs can be a great LB of the future. (

Here's a look at the 49ers wide receivers, or rather, who the receivers will be for the future of the franchise. (

There are those who think QB Alex Smith can play. There are those that think he will be very good. Then there are those like me and well.. I'll not get into it. (

I mean, it really will be hard for me to adjust. Can Alex be a different quarterback this time around? We'll see. (

How about some Insight on Indy? A look at the team that the 49ers are playing on Sunday. (

Here's The Wrap Up for last Sunday's game against Houston. (

QB Shaun Hill says fellow signal caller Alex Smith has improved over the four years he's seen him. (

The team seems to be playing it safe with S Michael Lewis, which is a good thing to me. He's a good player with good instincts and I'd hate to lose him for the season and possibly his career by throwing caution aside. (

What all do the 49ers have to worry about? A lot more than just the quarterback situation, it seems. (

There's a bit of an update on the 49ers new stadium, but I didn't take the time to read this article, I confess. I just don't follow it with much interest, is all. (

Why don't you head over and answer any questions Colts fans have for us Niner fans at SBNation's resident Colts blog? While you're at it, if you have any questions for them head over to their thread at NN here. (StampedeBlue/

Why not head over to and do some pro bowl voting? Of course if you feel like any 49ers deserve it, vote for them, I try to keep mine realistic. I voted for TE Vernon Davis, ILB Patrick Willis and C Eric Heitman. I hate this though, how early this voting is. It's pretty much a joke at this point, but oh well. (

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