New Official Michael Crabtree FanPost

I was looking over the site this evening and I noticed that we have an overwhelming number of FanPosts dedicated to the Michael Crabtree contract dispute.  I am glad people are joining in the discussion, but we are once again at a point where we need to confine this discussion before it takes over the entire site.

Feel free to continue posting in the existing FanPosts but for the sanity of everybody and general clarity on the site, for the time being please do not create new Michael Crabtree FanPosts.  When you get a moment please Rec this FanPost so it will stay near the top and allow folks to generate all sorts of discussion in a single space.  Even when it's Rec'd up to the top, keep Rec'ing it.  The more Recs the longer it will stay up top without needing to update the publishing date.

I will say that I like grantmp's idea for the Crabtree Contract Prediction Game.  So make sure and go enter your prediction for the result.

Big thanks to smileyman for coming up with a quick FAQ to answer some of the frequent questions related to the Michael Crabtree holdout.  We'll add more FAQ as they come up.

1. When is the deadline for signing him? NIners must come to an agreement by Nov 17 if Crabtree is to play in 2009. If they sign him after that point he's inelgible for play until 2010.
2. What about trading him? March 1 is the day he becomes eligible for a trade. The Niners will have from that date until the first day of the 2010 draft to work out some sort of trade agreement with another team. However, Crabtree could not sign a new contract with that team until after the 2010 draft.
3. What about redrafting him? This is a popular sentiment. A stupid one, but popular (why we want to redraft someone if we can't come to an agreement in the first place?). Per the CBA, if a player sits out and reenters the draft he can not be drafted by the original team. 
4. Is there precedent for players sitting out and being redrafted? Yes. The best example is Bo Jackson. He was selected as the first overall pick by Tampa Bay in 1986. His new team did not want him playing baseball and gave him an ultimatum. He refused to sign and re-entered the draft. He was picked in the 7th round with the 183rd overall pick. 
In 1987 the Cardinals picked QB Kelly Stouffer with the 6th overall pick. He also refused to sign and sat out the entire season. His rights were dealt to the Seahawks for a 5th round pick in the 1988 draft, and another 5th rounder in the 1989.
This does not give Crabtree much leverage. If he's expecting better money next year by re-entering the draft he's deluding himself. If he simply doesn't want to play for the 49ers he should let us know and we can get him signed.
5. Where's the dispute? Couple of things are up for dispute here. One is the contract length. We'd like to see fixe or six years, Parker wants a contract for four years. The other sticking point is the guaranteed money. We're offering around 17-18 million. Crabtree seems to want Hewyward-Bey money which is 23.5million guaranteed. 
Since the 9th overall pick signed a 5 year deal worth 28 million (18 million guaranteed), it's hard to see how we could justify giving him more. I think the real sticking point is the length of the contract. Shorter contract means less time untill free agency when the big bucks can really come in.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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