Is Mike Singletary a "Bum"?

I for one was pretty impressed with the way the Niners played today. Obviously it's disappointing to not get the win, but I didn't expect the game to even be as close as it was. I was especially happy with the way the defense played, shutting down the Colts offense about as well as one could hope for. I think Mike Singletary and Greg Manusky deserve a lot of credit for that. But BIg Blue Shoe, the head writer for the SBNation Colts blog, apparently doesn't. Here's what he said about Singletary in his quick recap of the game:

One more thing: Mike Singletary is a bum. A total and complete bum of a coach. As Bob Lamey and Will Wolford noted during the Colts radio broadcast, the 49ers were doing their best New England Patriots impersonation by faking injuries in order to slow Indy's no-huddle offense. The radio announcers noted players were receiving signals from 49ers coaches to "go down" when the Colts tried to go hurry-up. It was disgusting. It was vomit-inducing.

It didn't work.

So, congrats Mike! Your team is 3-4. You've lost three in a row, and when the chips were down, you tried to cheat. Oh, and all those defensive changes you did this past week? Yeah, they didn't work either. Manning threw for 347 yards, completed 64% of his passes, and the Colts won. Utter and complete tool = Mike Singetary. 49ers fans deserve better than this dirty schmuck. I hope they don't think my disgust at Singletary is disgust for the 49ers. Nothing but respect for the 49ers as an organization, and I love the community at Niners Nation. But Singletary's coaching today was both vile and un-becoming an NFL coach.

The Colts are 7-0, sans attempts to cheat, and did so in a scrappy, hard fought game. Go Colts!

I was pretty shocked when i originally read this as I didn't think there was anything to the injuries when I watched the game other than that our players were getting banged up. I admittedly wasn't thinking about the injuries too much but it just doesn't seem like something Mike Singletary would do and there weren't too many injuries anyway. I'll be watching this closely when I re-watch the game but I wanted to know what you guys think.

Were the Niners cheating and trying to keep the Colts from running their hurry up? Or were the injuries just part of the game? As I said in the thread on Stampede Blue the Niners use defensive hand signals normally anyway so I have a hard time believing the Colts radio guys could seperate those from the "dirty signals". Beyond that is what BBS said about Singletary fair? I really don't think it is, given the lack of proof of the cheating.

I'm hoping someone can clear this up because these are very harsh words about a claim that I don't think there is a lot of proof for.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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