Jimmy Raye Did Not Put Alex Smith and the 49ers in Position to win

49ers vs Colts boxscore 

The San Francisco 49ers battled the Indianapolis Colts and lost 18-14. The problem is the 49ers should have won this game and now the label of " over-hyped" is going to be said of the 49ers.

It's true, though, the 49ers were over-hyped after the team started out 3-0. Another sad part is the fact that the 49ers still have control of the division, but with Arizona improving offensively and defensively, the season is now all but over.

The game against the Colts was a must win. The 49ers defensive game plan was perfect and when a team holds the Colts to four field goals and a touchdown, the defense did a great job.

But the sad part is the offense could not match the defense. It's amazing the Colts didn't blow the 49ers out of the game because of how much time the 49ers defense was out on the field.

I believe it's time for the media to start questioning the hiring of Jimmy Raye as offensive coordinator. Raye should have been brought in as a coordinator maybe as a coach of a specific area, but definitely not a coordinator.

Raye is proving why after another truly pathetic showing by the 49ers offense.

Frank Gore started it off early for the 49ers giving them a 7-0 lead on a 64 yard touchdown run.

Then there was the drive towards the end of the half that went for 89 yards in about a minute and a half. Smith was impressive on the drive, but it showed what the 49ers have to do with Smith to be successful because of how weak the offensive line is.

Put Smith in the shotgun and let him survey the field. When he has enough time to throw he can make those nice plays that 49ers fans saw in Houston and on that drive just before half time.

I have a hard time understanding why Raye didn't spread the Colts defense out and allow Smith to make plays while from the shotgun.

I also think it's time to call out Raye for not utilizing Vernon Davis more. Today he had three catches for 20 yards and one went for a touchdown.

Michael Crabtree continues to impress with his great hands, but he also made a rookie mistake by not taking care of the ball and on that turnover that helped the Colts have a short field and that ended up being the game winning drive for the Colts who scored their only touchdown of the game.

Let's look at just how bad the 49ers offense was. Besides the two drives I mentioned that led to the 14 points, this is what the 49ers offense did.

The 49ers had 45 plays for 134 yards.

That's an average of three yards per play! That's unacceptable.

I do realize that two of the drives ended in turnovers, an interception off a tipped ball by Crabtree and a fumble by Crabtree as I mentioned before.

As for the scoring drives, it went for nine plays for 189 yards.  

In fact, punter Andy Lee was undoubtedly the player of the game for the 49ers. He punted eight times for an average of 50 yards per kick and half of the kicks ended inside the 20-yard line.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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