NFC Playoff Race: A Cluster Jam Of Teams!!!

As we continue to wonder what in heck Billacheck was thinking in going for it at his own 28 up by 6,  i will attempt to change the subject from this crazy stuff


            Has anyone taken a look at the NFC standings after the dust cleared tonight?  I know we all had hoped Seattle would be able to beat Arizona but the standings are favorable to the 49ers,  maybe not in the division but for the wildcard,  yes the wildcard.


1. New Orleans                                 9-0

2. Minnesota                                      8-1

3. Dallas                                             6-3

4. Arizona                                           6-3

5. Philadelphia                                 5-4

5. Atlanta                                           5-4

5. Green Bay                                    5-4

5. New York                                      5-4

9. San Francisco                             4-5

9. Carolina                                        4-5

9. Chicago                                        4-5

Now two of the teams with 5-4 or 4-5 records will be making the playoffs.  Of those 7 teams the 49ers have beaten Chicago while losing to Atlanta.  They also play Philadelphia and Green Bay in the coming weeks.  It isn't exactly controlling your own destiny but the game in Green Bay next week will go a long way in determining where we stand in terms of the wild card race.  Also keep in mind that Philadelphia,  New York and Chicago continue to struggle and may for the rest of the season.  As many issues as San Francisco has these other teams around the .500 mark do as well.  Philadelphia is way too one dimensional and have a affinity for playing down to their opponents.  Atlanta lost Brian Williams there #1 corner for the season and Michael Turner left today's game with an injury,  the extent yet to be known.  Green Bay played a really good game against Dallas today but also has shown a lot of inconsistent play over the season,  especially losing to Tampa Bay.  New York is in complete shambles losing 4 games in a row with the pass defense absolutely horrible. Those are the teams ahead of us in the wild card standings.  Now let me examine each teams remaining schedules for comparison sake.

                                       Opponents Combined Records                         Toughest Games

Philadelphia:                                     33-30                                                   At- New York,  At- Dallas and Vs- Denver 

Atlanta:                                               28-34                                                   AT- New York,  VS- Philadelphia, AT- N. Orleans

Green Bay:                                        30-33                                                   VS- 49ers, AT- Pittsburgh and AT- Arizona

New York:                                         37-26                                                    AT- Denver,  VS- Dallas and AT- Minnesota

San Francisco:                                26-37                                                   AT- Green Bay, VS- Arizona and VS- Philadelphia


               Now as we look at these teams opponent records one thing is clear.  The 49ers have the easiest schedule followed closely by Atlanta.  Considering the Falcons have already beat us i think it would be hard for us to overtake for the #5 seed.  But that leaves one other spot open going up against teams that we play later in the season who also have decisively harder schedules.  Of course this could all for not.  Arizona is only 2 games ahead of us and we have a home Monday Night game against them.  One thing is pretty obvious,  we must win in Green Bay or none of this really matters.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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