Resurrection of the Devil's Advocate

This was posted on May 4th 2009.

Gather round members. Here's how are offseason went so far, from the other side of the bridge. No 49er bias included in this story.

1. Hiring Singletary

A fiery emotional HOF linebacker that gave the 49ers the motivation to go out 5-4 through the last 9 games of the season. Or did he? Could it be possible that this was the affect Shaun Hill had on the team. I give credit to Singletary for benching JTO, but is it possible that if Nolan was still there that Shaun Hill could of went on to have the same 5-3 starting record? Now, I've never liked Nolan since he's been the HC for the 49ers, mainly because the 2005 1st Overall pick who's name shall not be mentioned. It was sort of enjoyable to watch the 2 feud, but that's about all the good that came from Nolan. Singletary's only mistake so far was not getting that timeout at the end of the Cardinal, which I think he still kicks himself over. The 49ers have been competitive ever since the pants incident, nice to know you can expect a team that "wants it" when they walk out onto the field on game day.

2. Hiring Raye

Is he the right guy for our players, unlike Martz? Still unsure about this one. It's not too assuring when your 1st choice Scott Linehan rather go to the Lions then become a OC for who some would say is an maybe a playoff contender in 09. What I don't understand here is, is that Scott Linehan's offense is known for passing. It's no Martz scheme but Linehan does run a moderately heavy pass offense. Census would believe Jimmy Raye is bringing a completely different offense to the table. Raye If I remember correctly was only interviewed once and was pretty much hired on the spot. Was it a desperate move by SF or was Sing that sold on Raye?

3. PreDraft - FA

Key additions: Marvel Smith, Brandon Jones, Damon Huard, Demetric Evans. Marvel Smith is a cheaper Jonas Jennings. Brandon Jones an overpaid run-blocker that hasn't done anything in his NFL career to earn 3 mil a year, would've been cheaper to keep Bryant Johnson. Huard a good signing predraft. Demetric Evans adds depth, an okay signing predraft.


The Draft through my eyes went as follows. "With the 10th overall pick of the 2009 NFL draft the 49ers select Michael Crabtree." There were mixed feelings with this pick. It's difficult to not like the potentially great Crabtree but there were other needs. With 8 more picks to go I had full confidence that McCloughan would address them. Trade 2nd round and 4th round pick to the Panthers with Brown, Barwin, Beatty still on the board, for a future 1st? Seattle just traded their 2nd round pick straight up for a future 1st with the Broncos!? It was just the beginning, in the 3rd round the 49ers select Glen Coffee. Coffee not even the best back on Alabama selected too early here, a reach possibly because McCloughan traded away our 4th round pick. 5th round, Jamon Meredith who was a projected 2nd rounder is still on the board, maybe McC foresaw this drop?Instead McC goes McKillop. Seeing Green Bay select Meredith was the dagger. Nate Davis, Bear Pascoe, Curtis Taylor, Ricky Jeanfrancois. 1 of 4 needs selected on draft day.

The perfect draft would of been: Oher, Rashad Johnson, Deon Butler, Sammy Lee Hill, Duke Robinson, Nate Davis, Kevin Ellison, Tyrell Sutton, Maurice Evans.


Finally something McCloughan got right. He said that these would be the best UDFA signings and they were, congratulations our practice squad is arguably the best in the league. Now, only if the 49ers were arguably the best team in the league.

6. Postdraft FA

Hope we the fans aren't suppose to expect anything out of Marques Harris.

Brandon Jones and Demetric Evans signings now seem irrelevant.

I guess the 49ers are carrying 4 QBs this year? (2005 1st overall pick, Hill, Huard, Davis) How many RBs? (Gore, Clayton, Robinson, Sheets, Coffee)


By the way, my prediction on the season record has always been 6-10.

For the people who said Sanchez is better than Stafford.. (MStafford 11TD/14INT, MSanchez 10TD/16INT)

We're almost eliminated from the race to go to the playoffs. Which means I'll be on NN full-time again, spewing my pessimism in every story and every FanPost.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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