Golden Nuggets: Guess I gotta face it sometime..

Good morning, folks! Sorry I've been sketchy on the links but I've been keeping busy, to be sure! Thanks to Fooch again for covering for me. Still, I had to sleep early for a good cause. If you're wondering what it is, make sure to come on over to this site tomorrow morning at 7 AM PT, I should have my post up by then. All I can say is it was a very positive experience for me. That being said it has been nice to be deterred from say, the current 49ers team but I suppose I have to look at this season at some point. I'm done crying over it, to be honest. This team needs to finish strong, someone told me that over the phone yesterday, and it's true. Very true, I'm looking for as strong a finish as possible and improvement from Alex Smith so we know what we have going into the 2010 season. This isn't a bad team we've got here, we have too many good players to just waste that talent. Best I can do is look forward to Monday Night and hope I don't leave Candlestick disappointed. That would seriously suck. Here's your links.

And so retires my favorite 49er of the last ten years--Jeff Ulbrich. He has nothing left to prove for 49er fans, a great player and a great guy. (

So it seems Great America is suing the city of Santa Clara, claiming the stadium deal is illegal as per their agreement with the theme park. (

The 49ers placed Kentwan Balmer on IR and signed a replacement, Baraka Atkins. As previously a huge fan of the MK series, man this guy is setting himself up to make me very disappointed. Still, I actually think he could be good. (

The 49ers are the only team that can stop the Cardinals from getting into the playoffs now. Not sure that it will happen... (

There was plenty of reasons the 49ers released Allen Rossum, I fully support the release. I don't, however, support using Arnaz Battle on them. That man is useless. I want him gone, forever. Am I bitter? Heck. Yes. (

Alex Smith is seizing control down the home stretch. I certainly hope he's changed for sure. (

Maiocco has his every-player review from the loss against Seattle. (

"Drops Drop 49ers From Playoff Race." How creative. (

Well this is depressing. 49ers playoff drought is among the longest in the NFL. (

A look ahead at the Monday Night game against the Cardinals. (

Coach Singletary is taking the blame for the fumbled punt return. (

He also has a list of grievances for the NFL. (

Andy Lee: Hitting His Stride. (

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