East Coast Report: Not Upset Just Frustrated

I write to you from Richmond, VA and as I sit in my office with my little space heater on full blast due to the extremely cold weather outside and not to mention the fact that the gym that I work in seems to have the a.c on; I am trying my best to not only decipher the game against the eagles but the entire 49er season.

I know that I should be upset about the way that the 49ers played yesterday and I know that I should be even more upset about the entire year but the truth of it all is this; I'm not. There could be a few reasons why this is; maybe it's because I live across the country and not in the California area so my  red and gold does not run as deep as others it could be because us east coasters tend to be a little more calm about things that bother us or it simply could mean that I didn't expect much more than what the team has done this year.

There are not many true 49er fans that I have come across over here in the east coast but the few that I have been able to befriend all say the same thing and that's this "we're almost there".  Even when I talk to the hardcore redskins,cowboys and steelers fans over here they too say the same thing about our beloved 49ers. Sadly enough I believe it to be a true statement.

I'm not upset with the loss to the eagles yesterday because the 49ers do not have all the pieces to the puzzle quite yet. And the 49ers are quite puzzling because one week they look like they can beat any team in the national football league and the next week they seem to be near the bottom still. And you see that is where my frustration begins and I'm sure that is why most you feel the same way.

If I were a confident man and I am I would have the courage to say that the 49ers blew this season so I wll say it the 49ers blew this season. I look back at the games that the 49ers have lost and most of them except the Atlanta game were there for the taking. The inconsistencey that this team displays should be rewarded by not making the playoffs; oh wait that's what happened.  Truth be told I didn't want the 49ers to go the playoffs unless they were able to make a run to the conference championship. And I think every 49er fan knows that this team was not and is not a championship caliber team. They could have been if they had been consistent and established an identiy earlier in the season

I did not want this team to go to the playoffs as a wildcard only to get blown out which in turn would give us a worse draft pick. The 49ers are "almost there" and the 49ers need quality players who can come in and make an instant impact. The 49ers should finish the season 8-8 which by all accounts is a progression from last year. I hope that Manusky comes back as well as raye because consistencey brings championships too.

I'm excited about where this team is going and this was the first year in a long time that I have been able to sit in a bar full of drunk football fans and not get ridiculed for being a 49er fan. And let me tell you something; where I live that is a huge accomplishment. Instead of hearing J.T. OSULLIVAN!! being yelled to me from across the room like last year this year all I really heard was "you guys are going to be okay".

My advice to ninersnation is this; don't be upset with what the team didn't do this year be  frustrated with what we didn't see this year but be even more excited for what they will do next year. Barring some type of unraveling in the organization and on the team the NFC West should be the 49ers for the taking.

I'm looking forward to seeing what Free Agents the 49ers will pick up and I've already taken the day off for the NFL Draft 2010 because I strongly believe the 49ers will come out of that draft class with a grade A and grade A players and I want to see it. Here's to 2010 and to finishing strong against the lions and Rams. If the 49ers lose even one of those games the next report will be titled "Screw the 49ers".

One question remains for you: Now that the 49ers are officially out of the playoffs; do they allow Nate Davis to get some playing time?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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