49ers All-Decade Team

I thought there would be a front page discussion this, so I waited to post this up. But anyways, here is my all-decade 49er team. Starting players, not bench. Tell us yours in the comments.

QB- Jeff Garcia(easily our best qb in this decade)

RB- Frank Gore(some might look at Hearst, but 4 straight 1000 yard seasons is good enough)

FB- Fred Beasely(absolute beast)

WR1- Terrell Owens(many people hate him, that doesn't include me, but he was a monster with us)

WR2- Tai Streets(really i didn't know who to put here, and Streets was a decent 2 with Owens for 3 years, no one else seemed right)

TE- Eric Johnson(Vernon wasn't that good enough for the past 3 years except this one, and Johnson was consistent in the time he spent here)

LT- Derrick Deese(consistent, not bad in his tenure here)

LG- Joe Staley(everyone else wasn't as good, Larry Allen was only here 1 season and Staley's not so great yet, but he's good)

RT- Scott Gragg(our right side has kind of sucked, random pick here, feel free to criticize)

RG- Ron Stone(ehh)

C- Jeremy Newberry(eric heitmann will get a lot of consideration, but I feel newberry was pretty good despite injuries)

LDE- Justin Smith(he has been great for us since he's been here)

LDT- Bryant Young(class act, great player, no discussion here)

RDT- Dana Stubbafield(decent, could be argued)

RDE- Andre Carter(a fantastic pass rusher still today, never knew why we let him go)

LOLB- Julian Peterson(used to be the best player on our defense for a while, great player)

MLB- Patrick Willis(no discussion)

ROLB- Jeff Ulbrich(this can again be discussed, but he was consistent, a decent player)

CB1- Nate Clements(Ahmed Plummer and Mike Rumph don't fit, and Clements is a shut down corner)

CB2- Walt Harris(wasn't the fastest, but better than our other choices at cornerback, and picked off many passes)

SS- Tony Parrish(this guy was a straight up beast, and played well with us and hit extremely hard. Had a pro bowl season with us as well, good safety in his tenure here)

FS- Dashon Goldson/Ronnie Heard(this one was up for grabs because none were really that good for us at the free safety position, Goldson is coming along now, and Ronnie Heard was decent, he had 4 picks one year)

K- Jose Cortez....Nah really Joe Nedney(been pretty good)

P- Andy Lee(MVP)

So there you have it, my 49ers all-decade team, I know there are some positions that can be discussed here, and be feel free to have your own input. There are a lot of current players on the defensive end, but obviously our offense was better early in the decade.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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