Who to Keep

1st off, let me say, This is a great website, and i thank everyone especially Fooch, who emailed me about positing. And to those who have shown me a nice reception so far in the past 2 days, i appreciate it.

Now, onto my post. Who are the players everyone see's as players we must keep, either for next yr or long term.

My personal favorites are;

QB Alex Smith (I love his attitude, never gave up when benched, looks to be back or reborn)

RB Frank Gore (I love Frank, i hope we keep him, even as a 2nd back)

RB Glen Coffee (Atleast for now, lets see if he can improve)

FB Brit Miller (Nice young player, hoping he develops)

WR Michael Crabtree (Obvious, he is a stud in the making, glad he signed, and glad we drafted him in april)

WR Josh Morgan (Slow start, but has shown some good stuff, gotta sign him when time comes to an extension)

WR Brandon Jones (Keep for now, lets see and give him chances, he hasnt played at WR, and he isnt suited at PR)

WR Jason Hill (Loved him when we drafted him in 2007, we must play him and retain him when time comes after 2010)

TE Vernon Davis (Obvious, STUD, finally coming thru, 10 TD's, must re-sign, give him a 5yr deal)

TE Delanie Walker (Many may not like him, but I say keep him for now, plus no one else at TE)

C Eric Heitmann (Solid, Solid and Solid)

OT Joe Staley (Signed thru 2017, he aint going anywhere)

OT Barry Sims (Hope we keep him, even as Backup)

OG Tony Wragge (Keep him, solid backup)

DE Justin Smith (Loved the signing in 2008, high motor guy, does it all)

DE Kentwan Balmer (Keep for now, needs time to develop)

DT Aubrayo Franklin (Love him, loved the signing in 2007, needs to be kept, turned into legit NT)

DT Ricky Jean-Francois (Like him alot, good pick, needs time)

OLB Manny Lawson (Solid, finaly showing pas rush skills)

OLB Parys Haralson (Also solid, plus signed thru 2013)

OLB Ahmad Brooks (Love his pass rush skills, must keep)

ILB Patrick Willis (BEAST, absoulte BEAST, needs an extension)

ILB Scott McKillop (Loved the pick, goood ST player)

ILB Matt Wilhelm (Give him another yr, plus a fav of Manusky)

CB Nate Clements (Love him, needs better pass rush and better Safety play, and he will play much better)

CB Tarell Brownn (Signed thru 2013, plus solid, needs more time)

CB Shawntae Spencer (Love him, playing good, and its not his contract yr, lol)

CB Reggie Smith (Like him alot, put at RS maybe)

S Dashon Goldson (Should be extended soon, solid)

S Michael Lewis (Always loved the signing in 2007, hope he stays, and plays for a long time, concussion free of course)

S Curtis Taylor (Keep for now, needs time to develop)

PK Joe Nedney (Even if he has missed some, he is still solid)

P Andy Lee (SOLID)

LS Brian Jennings (Love him, creepy looking, but solid)


Ok, thats my list, let me know if you would add or take away anyone or if i missed someone.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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