Niner's Niblets

Hello Everyone, I am officially new to the Niners Nation... err.. I should say I'm officially a new member of the website.
I've been coming to this website for a good while now, and decided it was time to add a voice to my IP address. I'd like to dedicate my first fanpost to potential FA acquisitions (hot topic as of late).Interesting Thought
Justin Fargas, RB, Oakland: Why is Fargas on my list, you ask? Well, should the Raiders cut said Fargas, wouldn't we all be interested in seeing what he could do spelling Frank? He may not be a thumper, but at 6', 220, he's no Darren Sproles either. Oakland's crowded backfield is like a field of juicy cows, and Fargas may be on the chopping block.

Addressing a Thought
Leonard Weaver, FB, Seattle:
Obvious address here, as everyone seems to be debating if this guy is our guy, ie, can he wallop and pave a path? Perhaps not yet, but excuse me for pointing out we have Tom Ratham as our RB coach, and excuse me if the fact that having a playmaker like Weaver in our backfield would make our team better. He can develop blocking skills, while he already posseses receiving skills and big play ability. While he may not be big William Floyd, Ratham could incite that kind of mean streak with the proper coaching.

Speaking of Playmakers
Sean Jones, S, Cleveland:
If Cleveland doesn't sign him before 12:00am EST Friday, he's as good as gone from Brown Town. This guy has 15 INTs in his four years, with 14 coming in his last three. I don't care if he's strong safety, free safety, or punter. He makes plays. I think we need some of these guys on defense. We posses the grinders on defense, now we need the playmakers. Sean Jones is one.

Who is your mother?
TJ Houshmanzadeh, WR, Cincy:
He's a great WR, but he's 31. He's been playing alongside a premier WR all of his career. Will he flourish as a number one? Great stats with Fitzpatrick at the helm this past season, but was that more Marvin Lewis and the Bengals showing Ocho Stinko he's not the team? For the money Housh will get, I say no thankee sai.

Professor, where's Igor?
Igor Olshansky, DE, San Diego
(which is ofcourse german for Whale's Vagina): Big Brutus was a guy I think the team was targeting in that year's draft, but ended up with the Mad Samoan instead. He is a massive, massive individual, and strong. Which ever edge rusher is coming on his side might not have to deal with a lot of contact. Igor is a bull amongst children in the trenches. I think he'd make our O-Line tougher also, by simply mauling them in practice.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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