The Final Chapter of the Warner Debacle?

FOOCH'S NOTE 5:57PM: Fantastic FanPost, whether you agree with it or not.

I'm sure all of you saw the title of this post, and have long forgotten about the Kurt Warne fiasco we all went through a few weeks ago. There were conspiracies floating around about Warner and his agent trying to drive up the price for Warner's services in Arizona. After reading a small article at PFT, I have solved the Kurt Warner debacle. Enjoy.

The article pronounces that Kurt Warner has had hip surgery, something no one but Warner and the Cardinals knew about.

"The injury was one I sustained and played with last season and although I could have continued to play with it, I felt this was best for short-term success on the field as well as long-term comfort off the field. I am ready to go to work and back so we can build on what we accomplished last season."

This is a prime example of Kurt Warner being guilty of pimping his services, and not actually intending on playing for anyone but Arizona.  It's also a prime example of how silly it could make the 49ers look.  The team brought Warner in for a FA visit which as a rule, requires the player to take a physical.  Would that physical not reveal an injury to Warner's hip?  PFT gives props to Arizona:

To their credit, the Cardinals didn’t leak the fact that Warner needed hip surgery to the other teams that were interested in signing him.

Um, all one of them.

To Kurt Warner's credit, he fooled the 49ers doctors because he took a "physical" on his "Free Agent" visit to San Francisco.  If the 49ers doctors did perform a physical, is that why there was no "official" offer to Warner?  Just like Singletary never "offered" the job to Linehan?

The San Francisco 49ers sent a private jet Monday for the two-time MVP quarterback, who traveled from Phoenix to the 49ers' Silicon Valley training complex. He underwent a physical exam and had a meeting with their top brass.

With this in mind, you can make a case that the 49ers intentions were indeed to jack up Warners price, and make the Cards shell out some dollars.  Why didn't the 49ers go a bit deeper, and sting the whole franchise even harder, by proclaiming "Warner has a bum hip, we don't want him.  Go back to Arizona."?  Probably because the 49ers never actually even administered a phsyical, which is indeed silly.

If the 49ers actually examined Warner, I assume they would've found out about Warner's hip injury.  If that were the case, I don't think dollars would've been discussed, and the visit would not have included dinner.  Instead, Kurt and Brenda got a free trip to Frisco, and were whined and dined by a division rival.  Were Scot McCloughan and Mark Bartelstein making a different deal in exchange for this fiasco while Warner was at Stanford getting his "physical"?

There's no evidence yet, but let's keep an eye on Bartelstein's list of players, and see if the 49ers end up with the "favour" returned.  Bartelstein`s firm represents 84 NFL players.  The one that jumps out the most at me:

MARVEL SMITH (Pittsburgh Steelers) 3rd highest-paid left tackle without ever playing a down at left tackle - Five-year contract extension worth almost $25,500,000 and a signing bonus of $6,000,000.

Isn`t Mr. Smith coming to San Francisco soon? I know Smith is coming off two consecutive seasons with back injury (2007 required surgery), and it was surprising to not hear Marvel Smith's name more often during the lists of visits OT were making during the Free Agency period.  Does something smell funny to anyone else?

I wonder what this guy thinks of the whole ordeal (in particular the limo, cadillac and private jet the Niners used).  Does anyone have any thoughts on this crazy notion I've concocted (please tell me I'm not insane)?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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