Golden Nuggets: Minicamp is GO!

Morning, morning. James here with your Nuggets for today. There's some good reads today but I'm actually writing this early because I've got to get to sleep at a certain time, I've got it scheduled to come up, and two hours after it does hopefully I'll be back to give you more links if there's any available. As always, post a link in the comments if you come across something interesting, or something I may have missed. (Happens all the time.) Any way, we've got a lot of news from minicamp, and I'm excited. Not so excited that Hill threw an interception in practice, but hey, at least Singletary has officially stated that Hill's performance last year will have an affect on the competition. Anyway, read away folks.

Maiocco reports from minicamp, Singletary is pushing hard. (

And a similar article, this one talking mostly about how bigger some of the players looked. Good job, strength and conditioning coach. (

QB Shaun Hill is "more comfortable" in Raye's system. (As opposed to Mike Martz) (

Here's an article that doesn't introduce very much new information, but is centered around the QB battle. (

In case you missed it, the 49ers are going to be picking the best player available with the 10th pick of the draft. (

Here's a bit on the minicamp from the official website. I'm really liking the fact that Manny Lawson has bulked up, maybe he can be a rushing threat? I've always liked him, I fear if we picked a rusher we'd be sidelining Manny and I'm not so sure that should happen yet. (

Barrows takes a look at the personnel at minicamp, of note is he says Vernon Davis looks a bit leaner. Could he be trying to get more flexible for pass catching? I certainly hope so. (

Here's yesterday's Singletary's Notebook. (

And if you missed it, Singletary wants a decision from WR Isaac Bruce on whether or not he'll return by April 1st. Think he'll fool him? (

Aaand yesterday's McCloughan's Mailbag. (

And just a quick find, this mock draft from our resident Chiefs blog has us picking QB Matt Stafford with our 10th pick... No offense to this blog, but... come on. Though, I guess if we're going with BPA he still might be a logical pick but their reasoning is more along the lines of "SF needs a QB, wants this guy, etc..."(

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