9 picks. What positions should the 9ers draft?

I don't necessarily want to start any discussion but I am curious what everybody thinks. Let me come up with a list of what I think (not in order I would want to draft) and a reason why.


DE/OLB -Pass rush is important and Mike Singletary said he wanted to improve and Demtric Evans might be a good sort time solution but obivously we'll need some young talent. I think it will adressed 1st or 2nd depending on who is on the board

OT - Marvel Smith is clearly a short term solution and hopefully he can remain healthy and prove to be worth $10.5 mil. I think this will be adressed 1st or 2nd

RB - Thomas Clayton has looked good in last year;s preseaon. A lot of people (including myself) think he could be the 2/3 rb. We need more depth at RB because as of last year our O-line was pretty weak and Frank could use some time to rest. I would like to see a speedster/jukester here. Im thinking round 4 or later.

WR - Even if Bruce decides to stay we don't have a BIG target. Dominique Zeigler is our tallest WR at 6' 3" but he is no Larry Fitzgerald (yet). Many people including myself like Ramses Barden. And if the 49ers miss him i'll be upset because they passed of Desean Jackson (go Cal!) last year; although Rachal is good. 6'6" is huge and I don't know how you cover a guy like that. Many people say he will be gone in the 3rd. If we don't get him there then I say WR will be drafted round 4 or later.

QB - Stafford? Sanchez? Anybody? I don't think so. But it does look like we will need someone to take over eventually. Tom Brady was a 6th round pick so you never know what you are getting. A rookie QB won't start obviously but could develop into something in the future. I say round 5 or later.

CB - You can never have too much depth here. I doubt one will be pick early on but a person to replace Strickland would be great. I say 4 or later.

FB - Moran Norris is a monster. Every monster has a weakness. His is his age. As far as I know, Norris has been healthy. But he could help develop a young guy. Good FBs are rare so it is important. Also I don't see Keasey or Robinson as a real fullback. My guess is

FS - Dashon Goldson is the new FS. I am excited to hear that he is a ballhawk in practice and I really want him to excel. Although is the starter it doesn't mean that he will become a pro bowler. I think this would be addressed 3rd or later

In conclusion, I saw we draft: DE, OLB, OT, RB, WR, QB,CB, FB, FS

please write what you think. I hope all of you are as excited about next year as I am!


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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