A Case for the Defense

. . . .meaning, WE NEED BETTER DEFENSE before we have any chance of beating someone in the playoffs.

(I posted this way down on another fan post as a reply to someone who is 99% certain we're picking an OL with our first pick.

I want YOUR OPINIONS. Because I TOTALLY DON'T GET IT. Am I alone???? 


13th best D in the league last year?????

FACT  . . . . .

The 49er defense ranked just 21st in sacks per pass play in 2008!!!!!!!!!

We can't play good teams and let their QB pick us apart.

Our offense doesn’t stand a chance if we keep giving up big plays on 3rd and 10, and if we continue to look like clowns against the better offenses in the league. . . NE, Dallas, last year. . . .etc.

So there is no doubt in my mind, we have to draft a great PR first and foremost.

Maybin? Brown? Orakpo? One of them will be there at 10, or maybe even if we trade down a few spots and pick up a 2 as well?

Who would be there late 1st round if we could trade down?

Then we probably need a safety too.  My favs:

1.  Louis Delmas: Western Michigan (6-0, 196)  2nd round
2.  William Moore: Missouri (6-1, 226)  2nd round
3.   Rashad Johnson: Alabama (6-0, 190)    3rd round
4.   Derek Pegues: Mississippi State (5-10, 195) 3rd round
5.   Sherrod Martin: Troy (6-1, 193)   maybe 4th round?
6.   Darcel McBath: Texas Tech (6-1, 198) maybe 4th round?

We will have to find RBs and OLs and a WR like Deon Butler later, as we have in past years. We can't upgrade everything all in one draft.   

But until the D is for real and has a natural pass rush from all angles we will have to keep playing from behind against the better teams, which creates a desperate offense trying to do desperate things, which adds to the sack total regardless of one rookie’s attempt to hold down RT when we have to pass 75% of the time just to catch up.

No one’s going to win a playoff game unless their D has pressure coming from everywhere. This isn't just true for last year. . . . .When the Giants had a great PR they were Super Bowl Champs, beating NE and Tom Brady and Randy Moss, despite NE's "great" OL.

Last year -- James Harrison. Need I say more?

If we stink on 3rd down against a good QB, how are we going to establish a running game down 21-7?  What OL can hold up against a D that knows a pass is coming?

One other thing: Our CBs and safeties will look a LOT better if the opposing QB is running for his life on every pass play. How many times were opposing QBs standing in the pocket looking around 3 seconds into a pass play last year?

If Singletary wants a team that's feared, and physical, than first and foremost we have to get their QB rattled on every play.



Who can be that stud? 

Maybin, who despite my initial impressions is growing on me?

E Brown?


Clay Matthews?


Cody Brown?

Maybe even a Jarron Gilbert? 

Who do you think will be available to us in the draft , and in what round, that can make watching 3rd down fun again?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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