Day 1 Draft Recap - Winners/Losers

Well, one day down and it was a crazy day of trades and players slipping down draft boards. Everyone share their thoughts about which teams you thought had a great draft, which teams you thought had a terrible draft, and thoughts about the 49ers first round.

My favorite drafts so far:

1. Dolphins - Grade: A+ - Were able to trade back in the 2nd round and still land a top CB prospect. Parcells likes large, physical CB's and got the 2nd and 3rd best press CB's in this year's class. Davis and Smith could end up being the best CB's in this year's class, especially since Jenkins may be moved to FS. As the primary Wildcat offense team in the league, drafting Pat White should show immediate results on the field and they could have their QB of the future regardless of offensive system.

2. Patriots - Grade: A - Started the day with picks 23, 34, 47, and 58. Ended the day with the same number of picks, but now have four 3rd round selections. Drafted the 2nd rated NT on the board, 2nd rated CB on a lot of boards, 2nd rated SS on the board, and the last of the 2nd tier of OT's. Trading up to get Brace and Butler was perhaps the best trade of the day.

3. Bengals - Grade: B+ - Didn't make any trades, but selected incredibly talented players at spots where they were a great value. Andre Smith and Rey Maualuga are very likely to have 10+ year careers in the NFL and will both be able to start from day one.

The worst drafts so far:

1. Raiders - Grade: F - Not only could the Raiders have traded back and still gotten Heyward-Bey, but they spent their 2nd round pick on a guy who wouldn't have had his name called until around 4pm tomorrow. At least the Raiders are entertaining to watch on draft day.... thanks for Crabtree!

2. Lions - Grade: C- - You're either a fan of Stafford or not, so I won't examine that pick too much. With a defense that had one of the worst years in NFL history, they chose to draft a TE with their 2nd first round pick and then made some amends when they took a hard-hitting FS with their 2nd rounder. Delmas may actually help this team some, but the massive holes elsewhere still need to be addressed. The talent on the board at their selections makes one wonder what the thought process was in Detroit.

3. Bills - Grade: C - The Bills took the gamble on Maybin developing actual pass rushing skills instead of simply speed rushing every play. Not a terrible pick, but the same can't be said for ignoring their hole at OT and taking the 2nd/3rd best center on the board and then taking a CB who runs a 4.7 40 and reaching for a guard prospect. The Bills were in good spots to add talent at some need spots and seemed to neither take best player available nor draft for need aside from the Maybin pick.


49ers - Grade: TBD (currently: B) - The 49ers got one of the best value picks in the 1st round with Michael Crabtree and this draft could be looked back on as a critical turning point if Crabtree develops into the WR that many think he will become. The trade with Carolina from the #43 overall spot is something that will likely make/break this year's draft. If the pick ends up being in the high/mid portion of the 1st round and the 49ers turn it into a quality player, then this year's draft becomes an A+ draft. If the pick ends up being in the 30's and wasted on a bust or combined with another 1st  round pick and traded for another bust at QB, then it could be the straw that broke this franchise's back. Despite my strong preference that the 2nd and 4th round picks this year should have been used on players to help give this roster immediate depth and future starters, even I know that this trade could end up being a windfall. We'll see next year this time what comes out of it, but I do have to say it was an ambitious move.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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