2008 Depth Chart v. (presumptive) 2009 Depth Chart

While its probably a little early, I thought it might be helpful to write out what our new depth chart is going to look like and compare it to last year.  Its probably the easiest way to see if we've gotten better from a personnel perspective.  What does everyone think.  Looking at this it does look like the offense should be better, personnel wise, than last year.

(Let me know if I get any of this wrong.)


2008 - JTO, Hill, Smith, Martin

2009 - Hill, Smith, Davis, Huard

Verdict - Upgrade.  JTO was terrible.  Davis has tools and might develop.


2008 - Gore, Foster, Robinson, Clayton

2009 - Gore, Coffee, Robinson, Sheets, Clayton

Verdict - Upgrade.  Coffee and Sheets are intriguing and should be better than Foster, who looked washed up.  Clayton probably gets cut.


2008 - Keasey

2009 - Norris, Keasey

Verdict - Upgrade.  Keasay's no longer hurt and Norris is the bruiser we were missing last year.


2008 - Bruce, Johnson, Morgan, Hill, Battle, Zeigler

2009 - Bruce, Crabtree, Morgan, Hill, Jones, Battle, Zeigler, Bradford

Verdict - Upgrade.  Crabtree should be great.  Morgan and Hill are a year older and seem to be coming into their own.  Zeigler, Bradford or Battle might get cut.


2008 - Davis, Walker, Bajema, Ryan

2009 - Davis, Walker, Pascoe

Verdict - No difference.  Pascoe is supposed to be the same kind of solid blocker as Bajema and a better receiver, but he's also a rookie.


2008 - Staley, Jennings, Sims, Synder, Duckett

2009 - Staley, Smith, Sims, Synder, Boone

Verdict - Upgrade.  Smith and Boone certainly can't be worse than a guy that didn't even play (Jennings).


2008 - Bass, Rachal, Wragge, Bender

2009 - Bass, Rachal, Wragge, Toledo, Bender

Verdict - Upgrade.  The players are the same, but Rachal has his rookie year behind him, Wragge got some experience and Bass isn't coming off a pec injury.


2008 - Heitman, Wallace

2009 - Heitman, Wallace

Verdict - No difference.  Same guys, same relative level of health and experience.


2008 - Smith, McDonald, Sopoaga

2009 - Smith, Balmer, Evans, McDonald, Francois, Egboh 

Verdict - Who knows.  Hopefully Balmer comes into his own and Evans plays some quality snaps.  McDonald is coming back from surgery.  Egboh probably won't make the team.  Francois is a project who hopefully will help down the line. 


2008 - Franklin, Fields

2009 - Franklin, Sopoaga

Verdict - Same.  Sopoaga rottaing with Franklin sound solid, but not strong.


2008 - Lawson, Haralson, TBC, Green, Moore

2009 - Lawson, Haralson, Brooks, Moore, Washington

Verdict - Same.  Lawson bulked up and Haralson had 8 sacks in limited action.  Maybe their better and maybe Brooks does something.  Or maybe we should have drafted 1 OLB to help our edge pressure.


2008 - Willis, Spikes, Ulbrich,

2009 - Willis, Spikes, Ulbrich, McKillop

Verdict - Better depth, same starters, so upgrade.


2008 - Clements, Harris, Spencer, Strickland, Brown, Hudson, R. Smith, Rossum

2009 - Clements, Harris, Brown, Spencer, Hudson, Word-Daniels, C. Thomas, Rossum

Verdict - Downgrade.  We lost Strickland and Harris is really getting old. 


2008 - Roman, Goldson

2009 - Goldson, Roman, R. Smith, J. Williams

Verdict - Upgrade, maybe.  Roman made no plays.  Hopefully, Goldson will make some without given up others.  Williams is a wildcard.  Smith was a relatively high pick.


2008 - M. Lewis, K. Lewis,

2009 - M. Lewis, R. Smith, C. Taylor, Baker

Verdict - Same starter, but better depth.  K. Lewis was worthless.  Smith was a relatively high pick.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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