Great Article: Other Side of the Coin re: Scott

Hi All:

While I still feel that the Niners should have done better after round 1, and I'm upset that they didn't pick up guys on the board that could have dramatically helped us in round 2 (Rashad Johnson  comes to mind -- Arizona got him after us in round 2) and round 3 (not a Coffee fan, would have rather seen a Sprowles type guy, there were a few left, or Shonn Green in round 2), etc. THERE'S ALWAYS THE OTHER SIDE OF THE COIN. Always the chance that I'm totally WRONG! 

I have been critical of Scotty Mac over the weekend. But I want so much to be wrong in my assessment. I want to say two years from now -- we have the best GM in football. Scotty is a visionary.

While this article doesn't change my mind about rounds 2-4, I do think it gives some great insight into the mind-set in the war room at the time, and it was a great read.

I'm a 30 year Niner fan. The last few years have been painful, not just because they lose too much, but how they lose -- 3rd downs have been a very bad joke. They hardly ever beat a really good offensive team.

So I was expecting some BIG-TIME defensive help in this draft. That didn't happen. So I don't see any improvement in our 3rd down package, nor do I feel any hope that when we play a team with a great offense this year we have any chance at winning unless we score 40 points ourselves. 

Fooch, a really interesting stat from last year would be how many points the good offensive teams scored against us game by game. That's my point. They will be our playoff opponents, if we make the playoffs. We were AWFUL, literally nor competitive in any of those games that I recall. Maybe Fooch will prove me wrong with this notion. Or prove me right. . . .but we should know, rather than spouting off about a 13th ranked defense. 

(First of all, 13th ain't that good! Second of all, if you hold bad teams to 7 points but good teams score 40, then what does that stat really mean to us? It means we played an easy schedule but got killed by good teams. So shouldn't we be highly concerned about that?)

Anyway . .  this was the first article I've read that gave me at least a little hope for the future. It's fun. Enjoy it:

FOOCH'S NOTE: Had to delete the article but here's the link:;_ylt=AjFAVK7k9a6U8WbPqtmQ.HBDubYF?slug=ms-trippintuesday042809&prov=yhoo&type=lgns

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