Macro Lessons from the Draft

I'd like to touch on a few of the big picture revelations that were exposed in the draft.  We've already feverously debated draft the picks, players, strategies and expections.  Consider this article the Lewis Black News that Slipped Through the Cracks segment of the 2009 NFL draft.

Scott McCloughan drafts for BPA

He said his philosophy is to draft the best player available regardless of need.  Certainly proved to be true on draft day.  Michael Crabtree WR (BPA) over Michael Oher OT (Need), 1st Round 2010 pick (BPA) over 2nd Round 2009 pick (Need), Glenn Coffee RB (BPA to Scotty) over Big or Speedy compliment RB (Need), Nate Davis QB (BPA) over any OLB, OT (major need).  Yep, the man wasn't lying. For the teams sake lets hope next years draft aligns BPA with Need.

Jimmy Johnson's Draft Chart is Broken

The Jets barely gave up anything to get Cleveland out of the #5 pick.  Swap of 1st round picks (#5 exchanged for #17), a 2nd round pick and 3 players the Jets were not going to play.  Even sadder, the Browns traded back two times in the 1st round only to obtain two 6th round picks for the effort.  Than again maybe the Browns are just stupid.  The Patriots received substantially more for trading out of later picks.

Mike Nolan is being Setup as the Fall Guy in Denver

Poor Mike Nolan, desperate for a job he unknowingly hitched his wagon to the biggest con-artist in the NFL, Josh McDaniels.  Before McDaniels decided to trade his best player and franchise QB in Jay Culter, all Nolan had to due was make a miniscule improvement to the Denver's defense in order to get that team on the winning track.  With Culter gone, Nolan has to improve that defense dramatically for Denver to be even competitive.  With 8 major holes on the Broncos defense what does McDaniels give Nolan for his 3-4 defense?  Robert Ayers a 4-3 DE and a rookie 2nd round CB opposite of Champ Bailey. For the kid's mental sake lets hope he is the backup this year.  Slick Rick McDaniels in an early move to keep his own job past 2009 uses the top pick on RB Knowshon Moreno.  When Denver gets crushed this season McDaniels will tout his increased production at RB to save his own ass while happily feeding Nolan and his outmatched defense to the angry, blood thirsty mob.

Chicks dig Wolverine

For the females of the house the NFL Draft coverage might as well be a blank, white screen with no sound. The Wolvernie Origins trailer plays and it takes a crowbar to peel them away from television.  I'm guessing his mutant power is pheromones.

Everyone can now predict a Raider Draft

Only two guys before the draft predicted the Raiders would draft Darrius Heyward-Bey in favor of Michael Crabtree or Jeremy Maclin.  The rest of us knew better but didn't think they were crazy enough to do it.  For now on every football fan on the planet will be able to construct the Raiders draft board.  We should appreciate the simplicty of Al Davis's process. 

Two steps:

1. Download all the draft prospects from and load into Excel.

2. Sort players by 40 yard time. Waala!

Attention High School Football Players hoping to play on Sundays! Do not accept any letter from a team that runs the Spread Offense!

I'm sure this wont' be popular in Lubbock either but it must be said.  NFL teams don't like players who played college in the spread offense!  You can be an NFL level talent, put up gawdy college numbers and be the star of ESPN's College Game Day and pro scouts will still look at you sideways.  An also-had talent like USC Patrick Turner playing in a Pro style offense gets selected in the 4th round while productive Quan Cosby in Texas Tech's spread goes undrafted.  Furthermore NFL sized and armed Graham Harrell and Chase Daniel who were both seniors and Heisman canidates go undrafted while a junior, publicly decried as unprepared by his college coach Mark Sanchez is the darling of the draft.  Even the Raiders gained consideration with critiques explaining that they choose Heyward-Bey because he came from a pro style offense.

Bottom line, scouts like to put on tape and evaluate what you can do.  To them watching you play in a spread offense is like predicting your vertical leap on Earth from tape of you jumping on Mars.  Rather than put their job on the line with a guess they will go with someone who can evaluate.


Attention High School Football Players hoping to play on Sundays! Find a college team that runs the 3-4 Defense!

Really, the math on this one is pretty simple.  Roughly 30% of NFL teams are now running a 3-4 defense whereas the percentage of college teams running the 3-4 defense is nowhere near.  Based on the same principal that NFL scouts like to watch and not guess, it appears the shortest route to the NFL stage is college production in a 3-4 defense.  For example, Larry English - he knows the LB role in the 3-4 and can rush the QB. Boom! He is now 1st round draft pick $$$!

The requirements are simple:  finish college weighing 260lbs+, ability to move in space, have pass rushability and use college for 3-4 defensive training. NFL teams will slit throats to draft you. Any uber-atheltic kid projected to be college DE/LB can meet this criteria.  An absolute must for any kid considered to small to play the 4-3 DE at NFL level.  If you need help finding a college who runs the 3-4 defense contact my friend Jeff Tedford. He guarantee's a top notch Division I football program with fantastic televison exposure with at least 5 major broadcast games each year (SEC opponent, USC, Oregon, Stanford, additional PAC-10 opponent and Bowl Game . . . and that's national, not just regional coverage!).  Also any soon to be 300lb+ kid who aspires to make a NFL salary for 8 years for merely fighting and occupying blockers in the trenches . . . Thanks!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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