For the first time ever, A hand of applause to Management!

I can't stay silent on this one. I salute the guys in the Front office who passed on getting Jay Cutler. I know, many of you feel as if this would be the perfect solution to our QB trouble. But, not at the tune of 2 1st rd draft choices and a third this year, PLUS: KYLE ORTEN!  

The Bears must be desperate. True, the choice of either Kyle Orten or Rex Grossman at starter would give me nightmares as well. However, this may come back to the Bears as a DAYMARE! Do you honestly expect me to believe that you HAD to pay a King's ransom to acquire a 1 time Pro Bowler? Are you joking? The Niners must have had their thinking caps on tight for this one. These are the guys who gave Nate Clements a $40 million dollar contract. And almost gave away the entire city of San Francisco to Kurt Warner. So the desperation is there. Bravo Zulu for saying thanks, but no thanks on Cutler.

Just a couple notes in history:

 1. The K.C. Chiefs just got Matt Cassell AND Mike Vrabel from the Pats. (2 stand up guys in their own right) for a 4th rd draft pick! That's the same as a kick returner/practice squad guy. And they had JUST Franchised Cassell!

2. The same Pats acquiered Oft malcontent and super diva recever Randy Moss from the Raiders for.....(wait for it.....) A 4th Rd DRAFT PICK! Here you have a dissatisfied receiver, on a loser squad who constantly made the Pro Bowl, simply by showing up...... For a practice squad guy! The result, A potent, record breaking duo of Brady to Moss that ALMOST won a Super Bowl!

 3. Now comes the nightmare.....The Vikings, feeling they are close to the promise land.....send several high end draft picks to the TERRIBLE Dallas Cowboys. For an aged,but still effective Hershel Walker. The result?  Hershel plays a couple poor seasons for the Vikes. The Cowboys go on to build with those draft choices a 3 time Super Bowl winner!

In hindsight, it's easy to say the Niners could've sacrifised the whole club for Cutler. Heck....I'ld have even thrown in Alex Smith! But, the front office saw this trade for what it really was. The Broncos looking to rear end the club that took the bait. And hello to the Bears! If they were that desperate for a QB, why not hold on to the 18th pick and get one in this draft? Or hold out for 1  of the guys coming out next year, like Tebow, Bradford, or McCoy?

I hold out hope that this doesn't rip the Bears organization to the foundation......Ok. I fib. RIP 'EM TO SHREADS! but I rest in the fact that the Niners had the BRASS set to hold their cards close and decide not to pull the trigger pre-maturely on a potentially bad trade, with the possibilty of setting us back farther than the poor aformentioned Vikings! So.......turn those frowns upside down and thank God you don't feel that horrible, feeling at your poop pipe like they do in Chicago. Oh yeah....did I forget to mention, Cutler's up for a new contract: NEXT YEAR????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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