Rankers & Mockers, Pt.1

FOOCH'S NOTE: Given the sheer volume of work here I thought this was worth moving to the front page.  Due to said volume, I moved most of it to after the jump.

OK, the draft is over and we're all looking forward to seeing how the team improves this year. Except that I am not finished with the draft just yet. Like most people here, I rely on others for my information when mocking the 9ers draft or the entire first round, or even the entire draft, which I attempted to do last year. But there is a problem - the draft turned out completely different from what I exected, with players expected to go in the 2nd round staying on the board until the 6th or 7th rounds and other players that weren't even ranked or mocked appearing out of thin air to be picked in the middle rounds. So I began asking questions, questions like;

1. Just how accurate are the rankers and mockers?

2. Is there any difference between rankers and mockers?

3.  Are position rankings more useful than mocks and big boards?

Answers and explanations begin after the jump.

In an effort to glean some answers to these questions, I chose four mockers and rankers to compare. They are:

1. MD - Maddog49er. He is a dedicated amateur, a schoolteacher from Ohio who hangs out over at the 49ersWebzone and each year comes up with a draft bigboard containing 256 names ranked in order similar to the way NFLDraftScout does it's rankings. Just before the draft, he modifies the first two rounds for more of a mock draft format where he makes assumptions about which players go to which teams.

2. DS - NFLDraftScout. Bill Walsh's old firm was absorbed by CBS Sports last year and they do ranking only, with no adjustments for team drafting probabilities.

3. WF - Walter Football. Most of you probably know the site. He works hard on the draft, is knowledgeable, and always has a good reason for his selections. And he writes well, so it's one of my favorite mock sites. He does a full 7-round mock and follows prospects all year. He also ranks by position in addition to his mock.

4. FS - Fox Sports. I chose to include them mostly because I have no impression of the quality of their mock, which is a full 7 rounds, and I wanted to include a random participant.

At the end of this post you will find the full 256-player draft order that I took from the NFL draft tracker. Within the brackets located directly after the draft position number are the offsets between the actual position the player was selected and the predicted position for each of the mockers and drafters. The order of the offsets, delimited by commas, is: (MD,DS,WF,FS), and the number indicates the relative position. A number of +5 means the prognosticator had this player going five selections earlier. A number of -5 means the prognosticator had this player going 5 selections later. "+" means "before", and "-" means "after".

You will also see some asterisks* after certain numbers - those indicate that the player chosen at that spot in the draft was not on that prognosticator's board at all - a complete miss. Any subsequent nuimbers within that set of brackets also indicates a complete miss. As I used a program to parse the lines and calculate the offsets, I made the assumption that the prognosticator's prediction was the 257th position - off the board.

So let's take a look at how things went. The first thing I looked at were HITS & MISSES, broken out by round for each participant. A "HIT" is a direct match between where the player was selected and the prediction, regardless of which team selected. A "MISS" occurs when the player selected at that position doesn't show up on the forecaster's board at all.

RD(p)    MD   DS   WF  FS
1(32) = (4,0) (1,0) (5,0) (3,0)
2(32) = (1,0) (1,0) (2,1) (2,1)
3(36) = (0,2) (0,2) (0,5) (2,6)
4(36) = (0,5) (2,7) (0,5) (0,9)
5(37) = (0,7) (0,7) (0,8) (0,14)
6(36) = (0,13)(0,14)(0,16)(0,17)
7(47) = (0,26)(0,25)(0,29)(0,31)
(256)   (5,53)(4,55)(7,64)(7,78)

As you can see, direct hits were pretty rare outside the first two rounds, and as a percentage of attempts was pretty pathetic for all participants. More interesting are the number of complete misses where the player didn't even show up on the forecaster's board. Everyone did fairly well up until the 6-7th rounds, when the participants had fewer than half the selections on their boards. Lesson? You might as well throw darts at a list when you get to the last two rounds. Nobody knows nothin'.

OK, so maybe expecting these guys to hit home runs is a little unrealistic. Let's try another test. This time, we'll count it as a winner if the forecaster selected the player in the same round. Let's see how that works out.

ROUND SLOTTING(same round)
RD(p)  MD  DS  WF  FS
1(32)   (25) (25) (27) (26)
2(32)   (16) (14) (14) (15)
3(36)   (11) (10) (7)  (10)
4(36)   (7)  (11) (5)  (7)
5(37)   (3)  (8)  (4)  (4)
6(36)   (4)  (8)  (4)  (5)
7(47)   (5)  (8)  (4)  (4)

Not so bad for the first round, but then the hits fall off rapidly. Lesson? None of these guys are particularly good at slotting players by round after the 1st - you can't depend on any of them to slot a given player into his correct draft round.

But maybe we're still a little too demanding, so let's try another test. This time, we'll count it as a hit if the forecaster has predicted this player will go anywhere within +-32 selections, that is, plus or minus an entire round. All the forecaster has to do is put the player anywhere within a 64-selection window. Easy, right? Let's see.

RF(p)  MD   DS  WF  FS
1(32)   (32) (32) (31) (32)
2(32)   (24) (28) (23) (27)
3(36)   (18) (17) (12) (13)
4(36)   (16) (15)  (8)   (11)
5(37)   (8)  (12)   (8)   (10)
6(36)   (10) (11)  (9)   (11)
7(47)   (6)   (8)    (3)    (3)

Well, it's somewhat better, but only one participant had at least half the selections within two rounds by the time the 3rd round is over.

Frankly, at this point I'd have to say things aren't going well for any of our participants, but let's try one more thing. We'll calculate the mean and standard deviation for each participant's 1st round selections. We're looking for the average offset between the actual selection point and the forecaster's prediction in the first round.

        MEAN  STD DEV
MD  (8.06)     (10.5)
DS  (7.16)     (9.54)
WF  (7.75)     (13.0)
FS   (6.91)     (9.62)

Ouch! In the 1st round, the average offset was 7-8 positions, but what's even worse is the standard deviation, which is a measurement of the variability of the data within a set. It is simply the square root of the mean of the squares of the data points, and in a normal, or Gaussian, distribution the standard deviation is the range which will include about 67% of all selections. What one would like to see here is a 2-3 point standard deviation, not 9-13. This indicates the data is wildly variable and probably not very useful. I don't think it's a normal distribution like one finds in the Bell Curve or an IQ distibution curve or other similar natural distributon curves.

So far, the most significant thing I can confidently say is that there is really not much difference between the rankers and the mockers when it comes to forecasting draft position for individual players. But I think it's pretty obvious from the above that nobody is very good, or even stands out from the pack, when it comes to draft prognostications. But that doesn't mean that they're worthless, either, because I'm pretty certain I cannot do any better. But perhaps we all should be downing a larger dose of salt whenever we start taking these things too seriously.

That's all for Part 1, which looks at bigboard and full mock accuracy. If there is sufficient interest, in Part 2 I'll look at how accurate our forecasters are when they rank players by position. Do they at least get the order correct when ranking specific positions, like QB or RB or DTs? Are some forecasters better at this than others? Maybe we fans should be using position rankings instead of mocks and bigboards when making our mock selections. Let me know if you're interested. Also, feel free to use the data below any way you choose if you feel like doing some analysis. Going through all those numbers can make one dizzy, however, so I highly recommend using a program to parse the file. I did not include the original text files that contain the ranking and mock information in order to keep the post from becoming excessively large, but if anyone wants to see them, I'l put them up. All the mock and ranking data was taken on the morning of the draft.

NOTE: Remember that the order within the brackets is


1(0,-4,0,0)Lions - Matt Stafford QB
2(0,-1,0,0)Rams - Jason Smith OT
3(-6,-4,-6,-2)Chiefs - Tyson Jackson DE/DT
4(+1,+3,+1,+1)Seahawks - Aaron Curry ILB
5(-3,-1,-3,+1)Jets - Mark Sanchez QB
6(0,-5,0,-2)Bengals - Andre Smith OT
7(-15,-11,0,-22)Raiders - Darius Heyward-Bey WR
8(+4,+4,-2,+2)Ravens - Eugene Monroe OT
9(+4,-1,-3,-3)Packers - B.J. Raji NT
10(0,+8,+6,+3)49ers - Michael Crabtree WR
11(-6,-20,-7,0)Bills - Aaron Maybin DE/OLB
12(-6,-3,-17,-11)Broncos - Knowshon Moreno RB
13(+2,+4,+8,+4)Redskins - Brian Orakpo DE
14(+2,+2,0,-2)Saints - Malcolm Jenkins CB/FS
15(-16,-1,+2,+1)Texans - Brian Cushing OLB
16(-27,-28,-25,-10)Chargers - Larry English DE/OLB
17(+4,0,-2,-12)Bucs - Josh Freeman QB
18(-5,-15,-3,+5)Broncos - Robert Ayers DE/OLB
19(+12,+11,-3,+2)Eagles - Jeremy Maclin WR
20(-8,-3,-8,-4)Lions - Brandon Pettigrew TE
21(-11,-15,-11,-11)Browns - Alex Mack C
22(-5,-7,-56,-8)Vikes - Percy Harvin WR
23(+8,+10,+12,+13)Ravens - Michael Oher OT
24(-17,+3,-3,-3)Falcons - Peria Jerry DT
25(-14,-3,-1,-21)Dolphins - Vontae Davis CB
26(-9,+4,+11,+11)Packers - Clay Matthews OLB
27(+6,-5,-4,-11)Colts - Donald Brown RB
28(-18,-11,-10,-12)Bills - Eric Wood C
29(-1,-12,-16,-7)Giants - Hakeem Nicks WR
30(-14,-7,-6,-26)Titans - Kenny Britt WR
31(+17,+17,+14,+10)Cards - Chris Wells RB
32(-17,+6,+8,-1)Steelers - Evander Hood DT
33(-7,-17,-17,-15)Lions - Louis Delmas FS
34(-16,-9,-3,-17)Pats - Patrick Chung SS
35(+9,+8,+2,0)Rams - James Laurinaitis ILB
36(0,+6,-8,-18)Browns - Brian Robiske WR
37(-11,+3,+2,-20)Broncos - Alphonso Smith CB
38(+18,+18,+15,+20)Bengals - Rey Maualuga ILB
39(+13,+14,+23,+19)Jags - Eben Britton OT
40(-14,-7,-16,+1)Pats - Ron Brace NT
41(+22,+17,+16,+7)Pats - Darius Butler CB
42(-62,-21,-54,-29)Bills - Jarius Byrd CB
43(+6,+24,0,+18)Panthers - Everette Brown DE/OLB
44(-16,-18,-35,-25)Dolphins - Pat White QB/WR
45(-25,-3,-10,0)Giants - Clint Sintim DE/OLB
46(+17,+6,+12,+2)Texans - Connor Barwin DE/OLB
47(-123,-157,-210*,-210)Raiders - Michael Mitchell SS
48(-18,-58,-29,-19)Broncos - Darcel McBath CB
49(-2,+3,+3,+21)Seahawks - Max Unger C/OT
50(+3,-21,-78,-18)Browns - Mohamed Massaquoi WR
51(-44,-31,-38,-26)Bills - Andy Levitre OG
52(-50,-50,-114,-20)Browns - David Veikune DE/OLB
53(-38,+1,-8,-8)Eagles - LeSean McCoy RB
54(+11,+19,0,-6)Vikes - Phil Loadholt OT
55(-9,0,-3,+5)Falcons - William Moore SS
56(-2,-28,+8,+9)Colts - Fili Moala DT
57(-6,-19,-13,+2)Ravens - Paul Kruger DE
58(-38,-40,-62,-22)Pats - Sebastian Vollmer OT
59(-13,-13,-9,-39)Panthers - Sherrod Martin CB/FS
60(+33,+22,+40,+38)Giants - William Beatty OT
61(+16,+16,+31,+18)Dolphins - Sean Smith CB/FS
62(-15,-13,-20,-62)Titans - Sen'Derrick Marks DT
63(-4,-15,-24,-32)Cards - Cody Brown DE/OLB
64(-44,-21,-67,-113)Broncos - Richard Quinn TE
65(+12,+5,-33,+2)Jets - Shonn Greene RB
66(-9,-20,-92,-39)Rams - Bradley Fletcher CB
67(+2,-10,-21,-7)Chiefs - Alex Magee DT
68(+34,+19,+21,+37)Bears - Jarron Gilbert DE/DT
69(-19,+5,-57,-58)Cowboys - Jason Williams OLB
70(+45,+28,+28,+51)Bengals - Michael Johnson DE
71(-186*,-73,-67,-83)Raiders - Matt Shaughnessy TE
72(-136,-124,-37,-185*)Jags - Terrance Knighton NT
73(-180,-184*,-184,-177)Jags - Derek Cox DB
74(-82,-49,-106,-183*)49ers - Glen Coffee RB
75(-111,-79,-166,-182*)Cowboys - Robert Brewster OT
76(-127,-147,-179,-181*)Lions - Levy DeAndre OLB
77(-20,-11,-9,-37)Texans - Antoine Caldwell OG
78(-96,-55,-70,-60)Chargers - Louis Vasquez OG
79(-27,-21,-31,-10)Steelers - Kraig Urbik OG
80(+18,+21,+27,-6)Redskins - Kevin Barnes CB
81(-60,-36,-39,-176*)Bucs - Roy Miller DT
82(-17,+13,+30,-6)Lions - Derrick Williams WR
83(-174*,-108,-174*,-77)Pats - Brandon Tate WR
84(+6,-15,-100,-17)Steelers - Mike Wallace WR
85(-37,-35,+13,-9)Giants - Ramses Barden WR
86(+1,-50,-28,-7)Vikes - Asher Allen CB
87(-63,-57,-156,-12)Dolphins - Patrick Turner WR
88(-34,-54,-76,-65)Ravens - Lardarius Webb CB/KR
89(+51,+35,+24,+47)Titans - Jared Cook TE
90(-31,-3,-167*,-19)Falcons - Christopher Owens CB
91(-24,-75,-77,-166*)Seahawks - Deon Butler WR
92(-47,-136,-165*,-119)Colts - Jerraud Powers CB
93(-94,-97,-39,-85)Panthers - Corvey Irvin DT
94(-99,-163*,-163,-68)Titans - Ryan Mouton CB
95(+24,+29,+44,+42)Cards - Rashad Johnson FS
96(-13,-20,+13,-69)Steelers - Keenan Lewis CB
97(-4,-7,+37,0)Pats - Tyrone McKenzie OLB
98(+25,+33,+22,+11)Bengals - Chase Coffman TE
99(+31,+20,+50,+40)Bears - Juaquin Iglesias WR
100(+20,-12,-62,0)Giants - Travis Beckum TE
101(+27,+5,-108,-69)Cowboys - Stephen McGee QB
102(-25,+7,-23,-2)Chiefs - Donald Washington CB
103(-11,0,-4,+19)Rams - Dorell Scott DT
104(-40,-21,-86,-41)Browns - Kaluka Malava ILB
105(-93,-101,-45,-64)Bears - Henry Melton DE
106(-11,-5,+43,-29)Bengals - Jonathan Luigs C
107(+31,0,+26,+4)Jags - Mike Thomas WR
108(-148,-121,-149*,-84)Dophins - Brian Hartline WR
109(+22,+35,-6,+30)Packers - TJ Lang OT
110(-147*,-147,-108,-147)Cowboys - Victor Butler DE
111(-27,-38,-76,-93)Panthers - Mike Goodson RB
112(-54,-53,-128,-145*)Texans - Glover Quin CB
113(-117,-144*,-76,-144)Chargers - Vaughn Martin NT
114(+28,-7,-39,-15)Broncos - David Bruton FS
115(-69,-31,+48,-44)Lions - Sammie Lee Hill NT
116(+23,+48,+26,+26)Saints - Chip Vaughn SS
117(-18,+7,-38,+39)Bucs - Kyle Moore DE
118(-44,-139*,-111,-139*)Saints - Stanley Arnoux ILB
119(+40,+63,+80,+57)Bears - D.J. Moore CB
120(-23,-9,+21,-27)Cowboys - Brandon Williams DE
121(+66,+48,-49,+39)Bills - Shawn Nelson TE
122(-54,+3,-37,-76)Texans - Anthony Hill TE
123(-134*,-134,-134,-134)Pats - Rich Ohrnberger OG
124(+43,+41,+67,+33)Raiders - Louis Murphy WR
125(+67,+74,+63,+73)Falcons - Lawrence Sidbury DE
126(-130*,-130,-130,-130)Raiders - Slade Norris LB
127(-24,+9,+35,+6)Colts - Austin Collie WR
128(-1,-24,-86,-101)Panthers - Tony Fiammetta FB
129(+77,+71,+55,+53)Giants - Andre Brown RB
130(+11,+33,+36,+5)Titans - Gerald McRath OLB
131(+7,+18,-60,-43)Cards - Greg Toler CB
132(-125*,-125,-125,-125)Broncos - Seth Olsen OG
133(-40,-36,+6,+31)Chargers - Tyronne Green NT
134(-123*,-123,-123,-123)Chargers - Gartrell Johnson RB
135(+32,+27,+38,-122*)Titans - Troy Kropog OT
136(-60,-65,+14,-40)Colts - Terrance Taylor DT
137(-83,+11,+29,+31)Ravens - Jason Phillips ILB
138(-119*,-119,-119,-119)Falcons - William Middleton CB
139(-118*,-118,-118,-118)Chiefs - Colin Brown OT
140(+9,-11,-75,-4)Bears - Johnny Knox WR
141(+7,-1,-116*,+2)Broncos - Kenny McKinley WR
142(-74,-42,-86,+9)Bengals - Kevin Huber P
143(+6,+38,-90,+27)Cowboys - DeAngelo Smith CB
144(+24,+29,+27,+52)Jags - Jarrett Dillard WR
145(-1,-33,-50,-112*)Packers - Quinn Johnson FB
146(+36,-14,+45,+9)49ers - Scott McKillop ILB
147(-99,-28,-25,+35)Bills - Nic Harris SS
148(+20,-15,-64,+5)Chargers - Brandon Hughes CB
149(-34,-108*,-57,-108)Ravens - Davon Drew TE
150(+50,+56,-56,+16)Vikes - Jasper Brinkley ILB
151(+46,+61,-9,+36)Giants - Rhett Bowmar QB
152(+93,+91,+46,+94)Texans - James Casey TE
153(+69,+64,+24,+21)Eagles - Cornelius Ingram TE
154(+60,+87,+79,+89)Bears - Marcus Freeman ILB
155(+15,+12,+11,-87)Bucs - Xavier Fulton OT
156(-72,-84,-101*,-101)Falcons - Garrett Reynolds OT
157(+59,-1,+98,+61)Eagles - Victor Harris CB
158(-99*,-99,-99,-99)Redskins - Cody Glen RB
159(+48,+31,+90,+76)Eagles - Fenuki Tupou OT
160(-71,-7,-78,-97*)Rams - Brooks Foster WR
161(-96*,-96,-96,-96)Dolphins - John Nalbone TE
162(+119,+118,+89,+125)Packers - Jamon Meredith OT
163(+107,+106,+99,+99)Panthers - Duke Robinson OG
164(-58,-71,-93*,-93)Eagles - Thomas Morstead P
165(+82,+74,+94,+52)Dolphins - Chris Clemons FS
166(+53,+57,+53,+59)Cowboys - Michael Hamlin FS
167(-90*,+80,+74,-90)Cards - Herman Johnson OG
168(-32,-76,-6,-89*)Steelers - Joe Burnett CB
169(-52,-88*,-36,-88)Steelers - Frank Summers RB
170(-87*,-87,-87,-87)Pats - George Bussey TE
171(-86*,+15,-2,-8)49ers - Nate Davis QB
172(-60,+38,-26,-85*)Cowboys - David Buehler K
173(+104,+59,+69,+63)Titans - Javon Ringer RB
174(+21,-25,-39,-22)Broncos - Tom Brandstater QB
175(-52,-75,-82*,-82)Chiefs - Quinten Lawrence WR
176(-81*,-81,-81,-81)Falcons - Spencer Adkins LB
177(+19,-6,-80*,-80)Browns - Don Carey CB
178(-79*,-79,-23,-6)Seahawks - Mike Teel QB
179(+1,-45,+23,-28)Bengals - Trent Morgan CB
180(-22,-77*,-77,-77)Jags - Zach Miller TE
181(+21,+40,-22,-16)Dolphins - Andrew Gardner OT
182(-75*,-75,-75,-75)Packers - Jarius Wynn DE
183(-74*,+6,-74,+31)Bills - Cary Harris CB
184(-60,-36,-73*,-34)49ers - Bear Pascoe TE
185(+60,+84,+100,+36)Ravens - Cedric Peerman RB
186(-71*,-71,-71,-71)Redskins - Robert Henson LB
187(+55,+8,-34,+30)Packers - Brandon Underwood CB
188(+29,-15,-28,-69*)Texans - Brice McCain DB
189(-68*,+42,-46,+39)Chargers - Kevin Ellison S
190(-51,-67*,-62,-16)Bears - Al Afalava FS
191(+79,+69,+49,+73)Browns - Coye Francies CB
192(+15,-27,-32,-39)Lions - Aaron Brown RB
193(-64*,-64,-64,-64)Jets - Matt Slauson OG
194(+15,+18,+70,+74)Eagles - Brandon Gibson WR
195(+24,+27,+55,+9)Browns - James Davis RB
196(-61*,-61,-61,-61)Rams - Keith Null QB
197(-51,-34,-57,-60*)Cowboys - Stephen Hodge SS
198(-57,-24,-59*,-59)Pats - Jake Ingram LS
199(-43,-53,+47,-58*)Raiders - Stryker Sulak DE
200(-57*,-57,-57,-57)Giants - DeAndre Wright DB
201(-14,-33,-56*,-37)Colts - Curtis Painter QB
202(-55*,-55,-55,-55)Raiders - Brandon Myers TE
203(-53,-54*,-16,-54*)Titans - Jason McCourty CB
204(-53*,-53,-53,-33)Cards - Will Davis DE
205(-52*,-33,-3,-10)Steelers - Ra'Shon Harris DT
206(+52,+6,-36,-9)Titans - Dominique Edison WR
207(-50*,-50,+15,-50)Pats - Myron Pryor DT
208(-44,+14,-3,-18)Cowboys - John Phillips TE
209(+34,-48*,-48,-48)Bengals - Scott Bernard RB
210(+20,+48,+69,+80)Falcons - Vance Walker DT
211(-46*,-46,-46,-34)Rams - Chris Ogbonnaya RB
212(+2,+30,+100,-45*)Chiefs - Javarris Williams RB
213(-44*,-44,-44,-44)Eagles - Paul Fanaika OG
214(-43*,-43,-43,-43)Dolphins - J.D. Folsom LB
215(-42*,-42,-42,-42)Bengals - Fui Vakapuna RB
216(-41*,-25,+115,3)Panthers - Captain Munnerlyn CB
217(-40*,-40,-40,-40)Bucs - E.J. Biggers DB
218(-39*,-39,-39,-39)Packers - Brad Jones LB
219(-38*,+9,-34,-38)49ers - Curtis Taylor FS
220(-37*,-37,-37,-37)Bills - Ellis Lankster DB
221(-36*,-36,-36,-36)Redskins - Eddie Williams TE
222(-35*,-35,-35,-35)Colts - Pat McAfee K
223(-34*,-34,+40,-34)Texans - Troy Nolan S
224(-33*,-6,-33,-33)Chargers - Demetrius Byrd WR
225(+45,+8,-32*,-32)Broncos - Blake Schlueter C
226(+62,+94,+108,+107)Steelers - A.Q. Shipley C
227(+155,+157,+136,+178)Cowboys - Mike Mickens CB
228(+92,+36,+5,+34)Lions - Lydon Murtha OT
229(-28*,-28,-28,-28)Cowboys - Manuel Johnson WR
230(-27*,-27,-27,-27)Eagles - Moise Fokou OLB
231(+68,+18,+50,-26*)Vikes - Jamarca Sanford FS
232(-15,-25*,-25,-25)Pats - Julian Edelman WR
233(+19,-24*,-1,-2)Bucs - Sammie Stroughter WR
234(-23*,-23,+71,-23)Pats - Darryl Richard DT
235(+74,+74,+119,+109)Lions - Zack Follett OLB
236(+10,+83,+4,+128)Colts - Jaimie Thomas OT/OG
237(-20*,-20,-20,-20)Chiefs - Jake O'Connell TE
238(-19*,-19,-19,-19)Giants - Stoney Woodson DB
239(-18*,-18,-18,-18)Titans - Ryan Durand OG
240(-17*,-17,-17,-17)Cards - LaRod Stephens-Howling RB
241(-16*,-16,-16,-16)Steelers - David Johnson TE
242(-15*,-15,-15,-15)Titans -  Nick Schommer DB
243(-14*,-14,-14,-14)Redskins - Marko Mitchell WR
244(+40,+117,+109,+163)49ers - Ricky Jean-Francois NT
245(+112,+107,+57,-12*)Seahawks - Courtney Greene SS
246(-3,+13,-11*,-11)Bears - Lance Louis OG
247(+42,+36,-10*,+124)Seahawks - Nick Reed DE
248(+80,+89,-9*,+14)Seahawks - Cameron Morrah TE
249(+107,+78,+113,-8*)Bengals - Clinton McDonald DE
250(+193,+169,+147,+128)Jags - Rashad Jennings RB
251(-6*,-6,-6,-6)Bears - Derek Kinder WR
252(-5*,-5,-5,-5)Bengals - Freddie Brown WR
253(+61,+10,-4*,+96)Jags - Tiquan Underwood WR
254(+136,+124,+154,+143)Cards - Trevor Canfield OG
255(+64,+66,-2*,+114)Lions - Dan Gronkowski TE
256(-1*,-1,-1,-1)Chiefs - Ryan Succop K

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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