Early, early roster/depth chart projecting

Looking through Maiocco's 81 man roster breakdown that Fooch posted in the Nuggets this morning, it jumped out at me that there are going to be some very tough calls when it comes time to trim it down to a final 53 man roster.  Inevitably, at least some of the common "sleeper" favorites among are bound to be cut loose.  The bad news is that guys who have been staples of ninersnation discussions over the past few years and have garnered a whole lot more diehard fan adulation than their limited game day contributions (if any) merit, like Jay Moore, Michael Clayton, Ray McDonald, Marcus Hudson, Ahmad Brooks, Jimmy Williams, Alex Boone, and Kory Sheets are in serious danger of not making the team.  The good news is that this probably means we may have some pretty good depth at a lot of positions, and the bottom of our roster  will be packed with potential.  Obviously its far too early to accurately predict or project a final 53 man roster.  Injuries, trades, coaching preferences and schemes we aren't yet privy to, practice squad eligibility, contractual implications, and performance in the OTA's, minicamps and preseason are obviously going to be what actually determines the final roster and depth chart.  But ignoring all of that for the sake of offseason boredom: If the final cuts and building of the depth chart were up to you, what would your 2009/2010 49ers 53 man roster/depth chart look like today?  


QB- 1.Hill (QB1) 2.Smith (QB2)  3.Davis  (QB3)

RB/FB- 4.Gore (RB1) 5.Norris (FB)  6.Coffee (RB2)   7.Clayton (RB3)  8.Robinson (RB/FB/ST)

WR- 9.Crabtree (WR1) 10.Bruce (WR2)  11.Morgan (WR3)  12.Jones (WR4)  13.Hill (WR5) 14.Battle (WR/ST)

TE- 15.Davis (TE1)  16. Walker (TE2) 17. Bear! (TE3)

O-LINE-  18.Staley (LT1)  19. Baas (LG1)  20.Heitmann (C1)  21.Rachal (RG1) 22.Smith (RT1)     23.Snyder (T/G)   24.Wragge (G/C)  25.Wallace (C2)  26.Boone (RT2)  27.Sims (T/G?)

D-LINE-  28.Smith (RE1)   29. Franklin (NT1)  30. Balmer (LE1)  31.Sopoaga (NT2/DE)   32.Evans(LE2) 

LB- 33.Haralson (ROLB1)  34.Spike s(TED1)  35.Willis (MIKE1)  36.Lawson (LOLB1)  37.McKillop (TED2)  38.Ulbrich(OLB/ILB/ST)  39.Moore(OLB2)   40.Brooks(OLB2)

DB-  41.Clements (LCB1)  42. Harris (RCB1)  43.Goldson (FS1)  44.Lewis (SS1)  45.Brown (CB3)    46.Spencer(CB4)   47.Smith (FS2/CB5)  48.Williams (SS2/FS/CB/ST)    49.Taylor  (S/ST)  

ST- 50.Nedney (K)  51.Lee (P)  52.Jennings (LS)  53.Rossum (KR/PR/emergency CB)

Notable cuts/practice squad-  McDonald, Roman (hopefully traded for a late round pick), Hudson, Jean-Francois, Zeigler, Sheets, Huard

There were some pretty tough calls there, the team I chose is a little light in the defensive backfield and on the defensive lines but both positions have guys with a lot of versatility creating some extra depth.  I ultimately chose Clayton and Battle over Hudson simply because I think Battle is a better ST contributor and Clayton deserves a shot now, right? Then the battle for the "last" roster spot came down to McDonald v. Boone and the o-line appears to have more injury issues than the d-line and, on the field, Boone looks to be a better fit for what it sounds like Singletary wants to do.



This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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