Devil's Advocate: Destroy my Brothers

Brothers being our conference rivals. The family we see twice a year with a shot at a 3rd time if we're lucky. I've visited our relatives, asked them 5 questions, here are their opinions on the 49ers.

My 5 Q's

As a 49er fan I'd like to know what you think of the 49er franchise

1. Who'd you rather see behind center as a [team] fan?(Alex Smith or Shaun Hill)

2. What do you think of the Coaching staff?

3. Your opinions on the 49er's draft?(Crabtree, Coffee, McKillop, Nate Davis, Pascoe, Curtis Taylor, JeanFrancois [Packaged 2nd and 4th for Carolina's future 1st])

4. How do you think the 49ers fair vs your team?

5. What will the 49er's record be next year?   

Seahawk's fan

1.I think Hill is better, but the NFL fan in me is rooting for Alex Smith to succeed. I know, he made a ton of money, but it’s hard for a guy to have so many different O-coordinators in such a short period of time, and go through all those injuries. He seems like a nice smart guy, I hope he succeeds somewhere, if not the 9ers.
Also, I’m not sure why you guys let Martz go. I give him credit for Shaun Hill’s success more than anything else.

2.I think Singletary is a joke. Obviously I’m biased from the Hawks 9ers game, but the pull the pants down antic? Calling out Vernon Davis even though he hustled his ass off chasing down Josh Wilson after an INT? I just think Singeltary is not a great coach, but I could be wrong since you guys did manage to get some wins down the stretch. And maybe it’s just an unfounded opinion, bu the seems to be more of an ‘attitude’ coach, than an X’s and O’s coach.

3.Loved your draft. If we didn’t get Curry or Sanchez to trade, I wanted Crab, and to get him at the 10 spot is great. Trading the 2nd rounder is like what we did, but slightly worse, and let’s be real, you guys weren’t competing next y ear, so another great pick. Coffee is a favorite around here, though it’s all about value, and it seems like he would’ve been a steal in round 4 or 5, not round 3. Love Nate Davis that l ate. I think some guy’s stock drops too far, and when half of the NFL is panicked, the other half follows suit. Great value at this pick. If he pans out, great, if not, no big deal. Love Bear Pasco. Don’t know much about the other three, but they seem like they could have some upside.
Overall, I give you guys an A.

4.We won’t have Weaver when we play you guys, but you won’t have Martz. I feel like the key to playing you guys is not making dumb turnovers and containing Gore. Your aerial attack doesn’t scare me, and you don’t have too many ‘playmakers’ on defense. I never thought THAT much of Clements (he’s good, just not for the price tag), Willis is great, the jury’s still out on Lawson, Spikes is a shadow of his former self.

Part of me thinks you guys are just a good QB and maybe a safety from being a great team, and part of me thinks you’re just a bad signing or two from being the DET Lions.

5.5-11. Call it the Singletary effect.

Cardinal's Fan

1 – I think Hill is the better QB right now but I still think Alex Smith has the higher ceiling. So I guess I’ll take Hill.

2 – I like Singletary. He’s a tough, no nonsense type of coach, but I think his style will wear on players after a couple of years. He should be able to build a solid base though.

3 – I wasn’t overly impressed with their draft mainly because they traded into the future when they really need help right now. Other than that, Crabtree is obviously great but outside of him I don’t see anything but depth guys. I’m sure they’re draft will be great next year but that doesn’t do much for this year’s team.

4 – These two teams always play very good games but I think our 53 is considerably better and if both squads are at full strength, I think we’d be favored in both games.

5 – I’ll say anywhere between 6-10 and 8-8.

Ram's Fan

1.) Either. Neither scares me at this point (See: Hasselbeck & Seneca Wallace)
2.) Decent future, but I don’t see them drafting a team, as we have. I think they’ve just drafter players.
3.) Good players, but all over the place. I love Crabtree on the field, but does his ego turn him into Chad Johnson? How will Coffee see the field behind Frank Gore? McKillop and Patrick Willis? Nice combo, but for a 3-4, that’s a weak front 3.
4.) Right now, I’d guess 1-1.
5.) 4-12.


By the way, Turf Show Times weren't too friendly.

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