2010 49ers Mock Draft: Just in Case

First of all, let me start by saying that I know it's way too early for this. And I realize that this whole list will probably be wildly inaccurate. But I wanted to post it anyway so that, on the off chance one of these picks turns out to be right, I will have online proof that I predicted it ten months in advance. Besides, OTAs are over and training camp doesn't start for another month. We have to keep ourselves entertained somehow.

My prospect information was limited, but here's my best guess as to how the 2010 NFL Draft will play out for the 49ers. Round projections come mostly from


 Round   Player   Position   School 
1  Terrence Cody NT  Alabama

It's a little bit optimistic to think that Terrence Cody will still be available by the first of our two first round picks (unless you think he'll be a high pick and we'll just suck that bad), but next year's draft is pretty deep and I've seen him ranked as low as 4th among DT prospects for 2010. Terrence Cody is the prototypical Nose Tackle that the 49ers have needed and lacked ever since Nolan switched them to the 3-4 defense. He's 6'4" and weighs 365 lbs. In short, he's an absolute monster and would be an immediate difference maker as our starting NT. This would mark the 12th draft in a row the 49ers took a defensive lineman, dating back to the first round selection of Reggie McGrew in 1999.

Most Likely Alternative: Ndamukong Suh of Nebraska, although he's a little small for a first-round NT.

1  Javier Arenas CB  Alabama

Javier Arenas helps the team in three ways: 1) he provides much needed quality depth at cornerback, 2) he would be an elite return specialist for years to come, and 3) he has an awesome name.

Okay, so having an awesome name doesn't really help that much, unless he sells enough jerseys to pay for the new stadium, but with as old as Dre Bly is and as mediocre-at-best as Shawntae Spencer is, another quality cornerback would be a major asset to the 49ers. And with the overload at receiver likely forcing us to cut Michael Spurlock before 2009 gets under way, we'll need a new return specialist of the future to take over for Old Man Rossum. As a rookie, Javier Arenas would start immediately on kick returns and would likely compete with Tarell Brown to start opposite Nate Clements, like Dre Bly is doing this year.

Most Likely Alternative: Patrick Robinson, Florida State.

2  Eric Norwood OLB  South Carolina

My sources currently have Norwood listed as a third-round prospect, but I'm going to go ahead and make a rare stock-change pick, defined as a pick where I assume someone's draft stock will change before the draft. In addition to being solid in pass coverage, Eric Norwood is a total stud as a pass-rusher and if Jerry Hughes is gone by this pick (which I think he will be) then Norwood is the next best guy with both the size and speed to be a 3-4 OLB. I'm still not sold on Manny Lawson as a pass rusher (I hear he has weight issues and is lacking explosiveness off the edge, even with his knee healthy again) so Eric could take over for him in obvious passing situations where we need to pressure the QB as much as possible. Even if Lawson does turn into an effective pass rusher, the Niners' depth at OLB is very unproven, and the chances that Ahmad Brooks and Jay Moore will both work out are slim, leaving us with a likely need for another OLB in 2010.

Most Likely Alternative: Jerry Hughes of TCU if he slips at all.

3  Jim Cordle OT  Ohio State

The 49ers currently have no long-term backups at Offensive Tackle, unless you see Alex Boone as a career backup, in which case they have no long-term starter at RT. Either way, offensive tackle becomes a need and the third round pick was the highest I could justify spending on one. I originally had Charles Brown here, but he somehow managed to become a second round prospect during the offseason, leaving Selvish Capers and Jim Cordle as the only OTs projected for the 3rd round. They both had the same weight listed, so I went with the slower, shorter guy figuring he had to be more muscular, which seems to be the new focus of the 49ers offensive line. Jim Cordle is also probably more versatile, having played center and left gaurd in college before moving to right tackle. Selvish Capers, on the other hand, is a converted tight end, a position where we really don't need more backups.

Most Likely Alternative: Selvish Capers of West Virginia, see above.

4  Kerry Meier WR  Kansas

It's no secret that Isaac Bruce is in his last year in the NFL. He almost retired already before deciding to give it one more shot at a Super Bowl ring, making him almost certain to retire as soon as the season is over, whenever that is. (Jed York says it won't be in December this year, so apparently we have already committed to play our week 17 game on January 3rd.) This opens up a roster spot at receiver, as the numerous WRs we cut this year will have found other teams by then if they're any good. The 49ers seem to have a thing for converting quarterbacks to other positions (Michael Robinson, Arnaz Battle) so I went with Kerry Meier, who apparently played QB at some point. At 6'3", he provides us with another tall receiver, which we have so few of right now that they all share the name "Dominique Zeigler".

Most Likely Alternative: David Gettis, who is faster, an inch taller, and went to Baylor, which I understand is Mike Singletary's old school.

5  Rashawn Jackson FB  Virginia

Moran Norris is solid, but he's also in his 30's and isn't much of a short yardage back, which Rashawn Jackson could be. Besides, I'm running out of needs to address and decided to go with a value pick. There aren't a lot of people you can draft in the 5th round that are elite prospects at their position.

Most Likely Alternative: Miami RB Javarris James (cousin of Edgerrin James) because drafting a fullback this high wasn't an incredibly likely scenario in the first place.

6  Billy Cundiff QB  Ashland

In this way-too-specific projection, Mike Singletary declares Shaun Hill the starter for 2009. At first, Scot McCloughan is pissed, because he's in love with Alex Smith, but he soon decides it is better to get even than to get angry. McCloughan trades Alex Smith to Denver, hoping he becomes a star there and proves Mike Singletary wrong, thereby humiliating him (in Scot McCloughan's mind). Regardless of whether or not this devious plan works, it leaves the backup quarterback job vacant. Mike Singletary bumps Damon Huard up to second on the depth chart and Nate Davis up to third, but then when Shaun Hill leaves the game with a thumb injury in week 16 (against the Lions), Sing decides to put Nate Davis in instead of Damon Huard. Upon realizing he has been leapfrogged by a rookie fifth-round draft pick, Damon Huard decides to retire as soon as the season is over, leaving an opening at third-string quarterback.

Enter Billy Cundiff, who, based on my limited information, is the type of smart, reliable QB that you want as a backup. The type of guy who won't necessarily win you the game, but can come in and not lose it for you until one of your other QBs decides to man up and play injured. Also, coming from a small school, there's a chance a lot of teams will miss him in the draft.

Most Likely Alternative: Rusty Smith, Florida Atlantic

7  Ryan D'Imperio ILB  Rutgers

I may be getting too specific again, but in this projection a few more teams switch to the 3-4 defense next year, only to discover they don't quite have the right personnel. Instead of taking a chance on a rookie, the Jaguars look for an experienced veteran FA to start at the TED LB position and offer Jeff Ulbrich a 2-year contract, and more importantly, a starting job. Jeff Ulbrich hates to leave the Niners, but ultimately decides he wants a few more years as a starter before his career is over, and he accepts the offer.

This opens a spot at ILB behind Willis, Spikes, and McKillop, and the 7th round is where McCloughan decides to address it. I chose Ryan D'Imperio just because I love his last name. It's not like I had anything else to go on by the time I got to 7th-round prospects.

Most Likely Alternative: Phillip Dillard, Nebraska


There you go, now you can start poking holes in it. Feel free to suggest other players or positions we should draft instead, provide additional information about the players I mentioned, call me a moron, or threaten me with death. Just please don't post any comments saying "it's way too early for this", because we've already established that.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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