Golden Nuggets: Never Forgetting the Casino Picture!

Morning folks, James here with your Nuggets for the day. I was in a hurry yesterday and neglected to get anything up. On top of that, Fooch covered for me and posted the links up two days ago WITHOUT the casino picture! I almost up and quit right then and there. You always need the casino picture, Fooch. Always. Not sure how much I have for you today, should be a good bit of links, who knows, but if you'll look to the right you'll see it! The picture! Ok, I've mentioned the [site decorum] thing a few times and even included it in the headline, I think this joke has gone on too long. ...Enjoy your links.

Ah, a look at the cornerbacks currently on the roster, as well as which of them are likely to remain. So, Dre Bly vs Tarell Brown, who are you folks taking? I like Brown, myself. (

An article on Marvel Smith. I like the guy, he seems like a solid player but I don't anticipate him to contribute much with that back. (

A look at the 49ers' running backs as Barrows continues his run-through of the roster. (

Sando takes a look at who won and who lost in last year's draft. (

Yahoo! Sports explores the "biggest" story for each NFC West team going into training camp. (

I forced myself not too read too much of this article, mostly because when I set my mind on buying something, I go to great lengths (usually selling my own stuff) to get said something. The article discusses 49ers memorabilia and its pricing. (

Just an FYI, single game tickets go on sale in two days. I got my season tickets already. Do you? (

Michael Crabtree signs contract....with Air Jordan. (

49ers fans have reason for optimism. I'm not sure if that's what I'm feeling at the moment but we'll see. Anybody here optimistic? Why? (

Michael Lombardi takes a look at each first year coach--and here's the lengthy article on Mike Singletary. (

What are the 49ers' top goals come training camp 2009? (

Gore "will not willingly give up any carries." Is this a good thing, or a bad thing? (

Sando answers questions from his mailbag, which include several 49ers questions. (

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