Yahoo! Sports Predictions

I was looking at the projected stats that yahoo has for its fantasy football and apparently were not getting to much love heading into the season.  Here are some projections (rounded to decimals):

shaun hill: 1,988 yds  passing, 14 tds, 6.2 int, 142 yds rushing, 1.6 td, 3.9 fumbles

alex smith: 1,886 yds passing, 11.7 tds, 5.9 int, 186 yds rushing, 6.1 fumbles


frank  gore: 1,064 yds rushing, 6.4 tds, 439 yds receiving, 2.6 tds, 3.5 fumbles

glen coffee: 124 yds rushing, 0.9 tds, 35 yds receiving, 0.3 tds, 0.5 fumbles

michael robinson: 43.7 yds rushing, 0.3 tds, 54.3 yds receiving, 0.3 tds, 0.3 fumbles

josh morgan: 46.4 receptions, 822 yards, 6.3 tds, 0.4 fumbles

isaac bruce:  46 receptions, 660 yards, 4.8 tds, 0.4 fumbles

michael crabtree: 29 receptions, 450 yards, 2.8 tds, 0.4 fumbles

brandon jones: 24.3 receptions, 267 yards, 1.4 tds, 0.4 fumbles

jason hill: 17.5 receptions, 195 yards, 1.4 tds, 0.3 fumbles

arnaz battle: 14 receptions, 177 yards, 0.9 tds, 0.5 fumbles

vernon davis: 49.3 receptions, 509 yards, 3.4 tds, 1.2 fumbles

delanie walker: 4.6 receptions, 54.8 yards, 0.4 tds, 0.2 fumbles

joe nedney:  27.3/31.6 fm/fa,  40.3/40.3 xpm/xpa

niners d: 23.75 pp, 25.6 sacks, 12.3 ints, 14.6 fumble recoveries, 3.2 tds

and now the projected week by week results:

week 1: niners: 22.4 cardinals: 28

week 2: niners: 23.8 seahawks: 19.9

week 3: niners: 20.8 vikings: 27.3

week 4: niners:25.5 rams: 15.6

week 5: niners: 21.6 falcons: 23.5 

week 6: niners: bye

week 7: niners: 24.2 texans: 27.8

week 8: niners: 18.8 colts: 27.5

week 9: niners: 21 titans: 21.1

week 10: niners:  21.7 bears: 23

week 11: niners: 21.5 packers: 29.5 


week 12: niners:21.6 jaguars: 21

week 13: niners: 22.8 seahawks: 22.6

week 14: niners: 26.6 cardinals: 26.6

week 15: niners: 19 eagles: 29.6

week 16: niners: 30.3 lions: 19.3

week 17: niners:23.3 rams 18.1


Yahoo's results leave us at 6-9-1.  Another weak start to the season followed with a solid finish to leave the fans hyped up for next season? I sure hope not.  It's time for us to turn the corner and start picking up victories.  I will leave out my thoughts on these predictions and leave that for the comments (except i dont see only 6 wins).  

p.s.  of course we know yahoo's predictions dont mean anthing

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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