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I am a frustrated 49er  fan who is tired of 20 years of very low management expectations. I am tired of not winning. I am tired of management changes, coaching changes, and media hyperbole telling us to believe fables about the terrific team we have and how great are our draftees and our team.  I am tired of us fans sucking on the teat of the same old BS and promises. I want a long- term coach and staff with a good plan, and a front office that will back him making wise personnel decisions for need and development. I like Mike and his direction. Will he get the support?

I am feeling the same about the Niners as I do now for the Ws 20-year management. Hopeless.

Now, concerning my recent post, your comments were spot on. Yes, I did troll to get your attention, and I am a moron.Like the far right Christian preachers or politicians who screw up every day on more serious issues, I ask your forgiveness and want you to know that I am going into rehab where my condition will be cured. And my wife will love me again.

I apologize to Vernon Davis for singling him out ––yet I think he would agree and want to improve to his potential.

 Like Smith, Vernon is a victim of annual horrible front office draft decisions. He came into a mess. The front office was in chaos, the Yorks were confused and Yorking, they had a new coach, and former coaches were leaving; there was a new plan, or none just then for O&D, and Vernon, along with others who also got mediocre coaching, was left out to hang. I agree he has potential. That is why I picked him for the rant. Yet, he still may be misplayed. If Singletary is going to press the run, then where is Vernon when it appears that Bear may be the better run blocker? Among the Wrs how many will be thrown to Vernon. It seems he would be a great fit in Denver. I'm just sayin'.

In Smith’s case, the befuddled front office had few choices because the public was rioting for a new QB––Aaron Rodgers or Smith. Sadly, there was no one else. (Isn’t that the 49er karma?) Smith came out of an entirely different system that in no way complemented the 49er pro system–– but because he was a #1 draftee, he was stuffed and forced into a foregn box.  Smart as he is, he could not resurrect the Niners game. Oh yeah, Alex had no OL to protect him either. And Smith––in 2009-10 season–– is now the #2or 3 QB; way to spend the money!

 It seems that the better teams have had a solid front office in place for several years; they have a successful developmental plan, and draft wisely to enrich their needs.  If they trade, it is always to improve.

 I am unable to explain the moves of the Forty Niners management. Maybe someone can be an apologist for this.

I cringe at the prospect of two or more years of losing.




This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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