Pick your divisional coaching staff.....


Which divisional coaching staff would you want for your team?  Which division has the strongest groups of coaches? Enjoy.

AFC East

Head Coach:  Bill Belichick

Offensive Coordinator: Tony Sparano

Defensive Coordinator: Rex Ryan

Special Teams: Dick Jauron

Pretty solid coaching staff.  Great Head coach D and O coordinators.

AFC North

Head Coach: Mike Tomlin

Offensive coordinator: Eric Mangini

Defensive Coordinator: Marvin Lewis

Special teams: John Harbaugh

This is a real interesting division.  You have top assistant coaches and a super bowl winning head coach.  Each assistant is one of the best in there trade.  You also probably have the best special teams coach of them all.

AFC South

Head Coach: Jeff Fisher

Offensive coordinator: Gary Kubiak

Defensive Coordinator: Jack Del Rio

Special teams: Jim Caldwell

Jeff Fisher is the longest tenured head coach in the league today.  Gary Kubiack has an interesting story being john elways backup for many years and helped Steve young have his greatest season.  Jack Del Rio is a solid D Coordinator. 

AFC West

Head Coach: Norv Turner

Offensive Coordinator: Todd Haley

Defensive Coordinator: Josh McDaniels

Special teams: Tom Cable

ALL offensive coaches.  Josh McDaniels had the most defensive coaching experience so congrats the weak AFC West is even weaker with a WHACK coaching staff. 

NFC East

Head Coach: Andy Reid

Offensive Coordinator: Tom Coughlin

Defensive Coordinator: Wade Phillips

Special teams: Jim Zorn

It was a tough decision on who to pick as head coach.  Would you rather win a super bowl with Coughlin or continually to be a contender every year and maybe eventually win one with Reid.  I went with Reid.  Good D Coordinator.  Might want to check your special teams because i havent heard of a west coast kickoff?

NFC North

Head Coach: Mike Mccarthy

Offensive Coordinator: Brad Childress

Defensive Coordinater: Lovie Smith

Special teams: Jim Schwartz

This one is the only one where I switched things around a bit.   I might still be confused on this division but mccarthy has been a solid head coach.  Maybe I am confused because these are all mediocre head coaches in my book. 


Head Coach: John Fox

Offensive Coordinator: Sean Payton

Defensive Coordinator: Mike Smith

Special teams: Raheem Morris

Pretty whack coaching staff in my opinion.  Sean Payton can easily be the head coach but John Fox brings that super bowl experience. 

NFC West

Head Coach: Mike Singletary

Offensive Coordinator: Ken Whisenhunt

defensive coordinator: Steve Spagnuolo

special teams: Jim Mora Jr

This was an interesting one to pick.  I was either going to put Singletary as a special teams or head coach.  Why because he never was a Defensive coordinator.  You use him to get your players to play.  I think this division is just better with Singletary as head coach because the rest are defensive coaches with just one offensive coach.  I was going to put Ken Whisenhunt as head coach because he has had the most success.  But you got a great D and O Coordinator with an motivating head and solid special teams.



Please give me your opinion.  This took some time to make.  I like the NFC West, AFC North, and AFC East.  It is pretty tough to choose but if you put a gun to my head and make me make a decision i would pick......NFC West. Not because of the 49ers being in that division.  You have the best current offensive and defensive coordinators in the game with the best motivational coach and solid special teamer.  That was hard.  Who would you pick?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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