Shaun Hill The 2008 Season Review Edition.

Let me make one thing clear.  Shaun Hill has not looked good this preseason,  i am not sure the reason behind this but we all know he is capable of leading the offense and maintaining the game.  After all look at his W-L record with San Francisco,  it's pretty impressive even if the sampling is small.  I have decided to look at his 2008 season in terms at statistics but also breaking down why he is capable of leading our team even without an abundance of talent.


Week 8 Vs- Seattle (L13-34)      15-23, 173 Yards, 1 TD, 0INT

The infamous Vernon Davis game.  Singletary pulled O'Sullivan half way through the game in favor of Shaun Hill who was extremely impressive in defeat.  Despite the facts that the Hawks defense knew Hill was going to throw the ball pretty much all 2nd half,  which usually occurs when a team is down by a large margin.  Hill didn't throw an INT and led the team to two scoring drives.  The 2nd half of this game was a prelude of things to come.


Week 10 At- Arizona  (L24-29)       19-40, 217 Yards, 2TD, 2INT

This is the game that as it turn out in the standing may have actually cost us a playoff birth,  yeah that's right this is not a typo.  If we would have defeated Arizona that night both teams would have ended the season with an 8-8 record with the 49ers beating out Arizona in the tie breaker with a better record against like opponents.  And what a couple yards short?  This was Hill's worse performance of the season,  but boy did he make it interesting in the end and almost led the Niners to a come from behind win.  What a game this was!


Week 11  VS- St. Louis  (W35-16)     15-20,  213 Yards, 2TD, 0INT

Hill maintained the games really well here.  Although against a weak opponent he showed the ability to win when your supposed to.  The 49ers dominated in every aspect of this game and hill only had 5 incompleted pass all day long.  By far our best performance as a group in the three games since Singletary took over for Nolan.  We were the better team and the results showed that.


Week 12 AT- Dallas L22-35              21-33, 302 Yards, 2TD, INT

Hill was out of his element in this game throwing for over 300 yards and attempting 24 second half passes.  But his mistakes were limited to one INT.  Dallas was quite obviously the better team but the Niners offense led by Shaun Hill showed a lot in this game.


Week 13 AT- Buffalo W10-3              14-23, 161 Yards, TD, 0INT

Back in his element of playing off the run Hill once again managed a pretty decent offensive attack.  Not great,  just good enough to win and that's all we ask of him.  San Francisco became the frst and only west coast team (Arizona, Oakland, Seattle, San Francisco, San Diego and Denver) to win on the Eastern Time Zone in 2008.  That is pretty darn impressive no matter which way you look at it.



Week 14 VS- New York (J) W24-14       28-39, 285 Yards, 2TD, INT

Hill's most impressive game as a starting QB in the NFL.  He outplayed future hall of famer Brett Favre, who appears to be all the rage with the Vikings in 2009.  He not only managed the game, he won the game for the 49ers.  Completing 72 percent of his 39 passes and only throwing one pick,  which arguably was Jason Hill's fault and not his own.  This is the game that sold me on Hill as our starting QB for the 2010 season.  He didn't put these numbers up against a scrub defense.



Week 15 AT- Miami L9-14                30-46, 233 Yards 0TD, 0INT

This game represents Mike Marts at his worse.  Apparently they didn't allow Hill to open up the offense in any way.  although completing 65 percent of his 46 attempts,  Hill only averaged 5 yards per pass in one of the worse offensive called games in recent memory.  Still San Francisco almost beat the 11-5 Miami dolphins in South Beach



Week 16 AT- St. Louis W17-16          18-34, 216 Yards 2TD, 3INT

In the 3rd consecutive game in which Hill attempted over 30 passes and this time his mistakes showed.  Throwing 3 INT's in what i consider his worse performance of the season.  Yet the 49ers still found a way to win the game be it against a bad football team



VS- Washington W27-24                     21-30, 247yards, TD, INT

The season finale at Candlestick and Hill remains undefeated as a 49ers starting QB at home.  Good all around effort by San Francisco improved their record to 7-9 not so bad after starting the season 2-6. Hill led the Niners offense to multiple scoring drives against a pretty good Skins' defense and the Niners went out on top in the 2009 season.  Once again Hill completed 70 percent of his passes,  the 3rd team he did so in 2008.  Most since Steve Young back in 1998.



Overall i would assess Hill's 2009 season as average to above average.  Although his statistics were not absolutely eye popping,  he did bring stability to the niners QB position for the first time since the Garcia era.  And it showed with the Niners winning 4 of the last 5 games in 2008.  Hill set a 49ers record for the most consecutive home games with over 70 percent completion percentage and improved to 5-0 at home in his brief career with the 49ers.  In the end winning games is all that matters and Hill has done that with the 49ers while displaying utmost class even when not being named the starting QB heading in the 2009 training camp and having to battle it out with Alex Smith, who has turned out to be his best friend.  Such a competition would have put a strain on that relationship but with Hill it didn't affect it at all.  I look for him to continue to improve and be the reason the niners win the west,  not the reason they faulter once again.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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